Tuesday 10 May 2011

A Taste of Chalk .......

That is the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
A couple of pics of two of the techniques Moira and I covered on Sunday :-

One coat of Old Violet as the base, the stenciled with Old White using a
small sponge roller - the radiator type - applying gently and building up the colour.
Clear wax applied ,allowed to dry , then buffed to give a fab smooth finish.
The finished piece reminded me of a vintage Laura Ashley design.


A base of  Old Ochre chalk paint, then traditional decoupage technique -- photocopies of designs-- applied with
 Mod Podge, then the images softened with more paint . Allowed to dry then stage one crackle applied -
dried .
Stage two crackle applied and dried.
Coated with clear wax
Then finished by antiquing with the dark wax.
Buffed to give the super smooth finish again.

FAB !!!

Share more soon
Anne x


  1. wow, you're fairly putting Linda Barker to shame, looks fabulous - you'll be painting everything that can't move, hopefully not me too though lol

  2. Oh wow I love it so when you coming over to mine and Linda Barkering it?

  3. Both look fabulous Anne. I think you're going to have fun!

    Kat xx

  4. looks like the sloanies had a great day..love the technique peeks..catch up soon...big hugs kath xxx