Wednesday 29 December 2010

All Fueled up !!

After a week with no heating
The Oilman hath been ,so crafty inspiration is fuelling up too !!
Not produced much this last week what with the cold (both house and self )
however rather than do nothing started another jacket for Lily ---
at least you can knit with a hot waterbottle on your knee and watch tv too.
So this is what has been on my workdesk this WOYWW----- 

The fabric in the picture is a bolt I have and had intended to make Christmas table covers --- maybe start early for next year

Have been over on Kath's blog and read her edit re the Fiskar's shape cutter ---
all I can say is thanks to Kath I now think it's FAB --
I had thrown mine to the back of a drawer never to be used again, however on a visit to the Cubbyhole Kath showed me the correct way to use one --(remembering to take the orange base off -- silly moi didn't !!)
and to use with a Fiskars cutting mat et voila !!
Now I collect their templates -- it's so quick and simple .-----
when you know how !

So hope you all had a good Christmas
Anne xxx

Sunday 19 December 2010

Well it's Finished !!!

Not as originally planned ,not only altered due to the time factor --
 don't have enough ribbons left  in these colours --
Jacqui's is  closed  for Christmas and not enough time to order from the Ribbon Girls,
But hey ho  at least it's done :-
Now off to finish sewing together a cardi for Lily I've knitted .
Another foot of snow out here -
and like Kat we're low on oil and no idea when we'll get it !!!
Keep cosy
Anne xxx

Saturday 18 December 2010

They've arrived !!!

Thank you Andrea and Mary-----
the gorgeous ribbons and goodies have landed !
Thank you too Lesley, our local postie, who works through this horrid weather.

Talking of ribbons --- I was up til stupid o'clock working on the
Christmas Ribbon Wreath,
and am still only half way !!! so am having a rethink on a quick fix to get it finished quickly .Any ideas ??????
Anne xxx

Thursday 16 December 2010

Show and Tell....

Finished my Piped Cushions and Padded Bed Runner
made from those fabby fabrics I posted yesterday

Off to play with Tim and inks ,
hope you're not too badly affected with this white stuff that's back!!!!
Anne xxx

Wednesday 15 December 2010


Today -- no surprise -- more fab fabric !!!
AND some calico and printable linen with a touch of Tim !!!
Firstly more soft furnishings then some fun with cloth,threads and inks !!!

Will let you see the results !!!
Meantime pop to Julia's and peek at lots of fun workdesks.
Anne xxx

Tuesday 14 December 2010

Homespun Hearts ........

The Christmas decoration s I was working on --
although they're not too Christmassy,
so could be out all year .
The photo again not good - they are plaid embroidery 0n red wool fabric.

Anne xxx

Monday 13 December 2010

Woo Hoo !!! I've Won !!!.............

............ all these gorgeous goodies from
stockists of a fab selection of ribbons and trims.
Also on their blog there is a regular colour challenge to win some ,
so keep popping by.
So lucky me this time --thanks Girls !!!
Anne xxx
Edited to add :- have had an email fron Mary and Andrea that my goodies are in the post already --- how's that for service !!!

Sunday 12 December 2010

Twelve Tags, Twelve bags ??????

No, it'll have to be Twelve Cushie Numbers of Christmas !!!
These are cushions made from the gorgeous fabric I mentioned the other day.

Eight down -- four to go !
Will make those when I get Zips .
So ,or should I say sew , I will  have made twelve somethings for Christmas he eh !

Buddy has picked his girl with the mostest---
Congratulations Julye , you certainly had a ton of the white stuff !!!!

Jacqui has posted pics of the new Simply Create shop on the blog ---
WOW it looks huge ---
so lots of crafty stash to be had -- YAY !

Dinners in the oven so will be settling down to watch the X Factor Final and then on with more
projects-- Christmas decs to finish,  maybe to enter Jacqui's challenge
which ends Wednesday 15th December.
Anne xxx

Saturday 11 December 2010

All Ribboned up !

A shabby Chic stylie card
pink,lilac and white.
Ends Sunday at midnight .

I did have in mind to make a tag, but got side tracked when I found these Tilda papers in one of my boxes,
It must be all this shabby raggy chic sewing influencing this card .
Went on a homespun shabby chic look.

Hope the Ribbon girls don't mind a spot of green -- maybe I should have taken artistic liscense and had pink grass --- well there is a pink pampas grass plant !!
not too good a pic , but tried three times  -- must ask Santa for one of those photo light boxes ---oh, and a studio !!
HOT NEWS !!!!!
Spotted on The Simply Create Blog that the shop reopened today!!!!!!!

Anne xxx

Unbelievable !!!

Have been over at Tim's this morning to see his 11th tag "Believe "


It's unbelievale the ideas this man has !!!!!
Go over and see his tutorial on making stamps from his die cuts !!!!
Thank you Tim for all the things you share !!!

Friday 10 December 2010

Quickie !!

A very quick post this morning to say hello before dashing out again---
lots of new fabric to show you later  -- have to take piccies.

Kath has sneaky peaks of the new HeroArts stamps --
which will be in stock in Simply Create's new store,
which I passed on the way home last night and Jacqui was beavering away --- can't wait to see the finished result Jacqui and keep us posted as to when the doors will be open for business -- sooooo exciting !!!

And Judy has a fab give away on her blog !!!  Samm said your table at Lily's playgroup sale was beautiful , Judy,  and she loves your work !
Back later
Anne xxx

Santa Buddy is coming
to a Cubbyhole near you  !!!!

Wednesday 8 December 2010

I'm away with the Fairies !!!!!

On this WOYWW
Kitted up some Flower Fairy fabric :-
a tote of course and a shabby raggy chic cushion.
Also on my desk a few UFO's , found when looking for interfacing ,which I need before production can resume -----
and hereby hangs a tale !!!-------

We set off this morning to see Lily in her very first stage performance at her playgroup nativity and then to head to shops to get the elusive interfacing ---
well you know the song
"Four Wheels on my wagon and I'm still rollling along "---
(no age references please !!)
Well we ended up with three just outside Alford and we certainly weren't rolling along !!!!
Yup !the back passenger wheel decided to go it alone or was sulking cos it was so cold !!
Typically I forgot to take pics in the excitement !!
(excitement translates as giving hubby a hard time for not stopping sooner when the horrible noise came from the back --- "It's just the build up of ice "says he" and will melt as we go along "
Why don't men get it that we ladies are always right !!)

An angel in the form of Catherine,
who owns the fabulous jewellery shop, Gaelo,  in the Heritage Centre in Alford,
came to our rescue and took us into Alford to contact the garage .
Thank you so much Catherine xxxx

Eventually got home and never made it to see Lily so it was back to my workdesk,
aka the  kitchen table and do stuff !!!
Hence being away with the Fairies .

Daryl walked to the garage at Cushnie to get my car which couldn't be seen for the covering of snow ! So will try again tomorrow to get
interfacing and resume production !
And really if it hadn't been for the snow we could have been travelling at speed
when the wheel came off , so there's always a positive side to things .
Anne xxxxxxx

Tuesday 7 December 2010

Twelve tags of Christmas ???????

Tim's doing his tags again this Christmas and Kath has a fab tag on her blog.
I haven't managed to join in again this year, so I think it'll have to be the
Twelve Bags of Christmas !!! he he !!!
Better get going !!!
Anne xxx

Monday 6 December 2010

Sew what was I up to today ???

Yet another bag and cushion !!!

A little "tartan" number this time.
Not the tote pattern -- another quick and easy bag to run up ,
cut to fit the piece of fabric I had.

More of the same vintage Laura Ashley,
the clour is the same , just a rubbish pic .
Just to finish snipping before it hits the washer----
the snipping takes longer than making it in the first place !!!!

Also working on  some Christmas decs but more about them another day.
Hope you're all cosy comfy
Anne xxx

Sunday 5 December 2010

Measuring up !!!

Furry Boy , Buddy, wants to find the Girl with the Mostest !!!
But Muffin and Freebie are not impressed  with all this white stuff !!!

Good job they're mainly black or we'd loose them in all this snow !

Wish you'd said this yesterday Buddy, 'cos we had a bit of a thaw last night and only have 19 inches on the table now !
But hope you like the snowy view up the hill .

I knocked off most of the icicles yesterday afternoon asthey started dropping and didn't want them to land on M & F !!!
Will take more pics during the week, but hopefully the worst of the snow is over for a while .
Anne xxx
PS:- loved Jackie's comment re the icicles

Friday 3 December 2010

They're even more impressive this morning !!!

Not much snow overnight , but as you can see a tad cold !!!!
post more pics later
off to create some heat with the sewing machine !
Anne xxx

Thursday 2 December 2010

Weather update !!!!

Well and truly stuck !!!!!

Magic icicles !!!!
Hope you're all safe and cosy

Wednesday 1 December 2010

There'snow getting out of here again today !!!

Beautiful red sky in the morning ------
cleared twelve inches off the wheelie bin earlier and now ( 6.30 pm)
there's six inches back on it !!
Daryl did make it to work but my car is still snowed in at the local garage !!

So this is what is on my workdesk this

Another Shabby Raggy Cushion made from vintage (Circa 1980)
Laura Ashley fabric

Also two cutie little "safety pin " bags :-
can never find one when I need one so now have a place of their own !
Have enough fabric to make another six ,
 so some will be up for sale !
The fabric is patterned with an assortment of safety pins so you know what's in
the bag.

Still have a selection of Coca Cola fabric Squares to make into
" A well known phrase or saying ",
and a tapestry and blue velvet to make into another cushion .
Fun Fun Fun !!
Anne xxx