Wednesday 29 September 2010


Pop to WOYWW
and see what other crafty peeps are up to !
So what's on my workdesk today ???
Oh dear  !!! unfinished stuff !!!
and as my crafty chum Kath says you can't blog without pics
so ---------
Just a close up for now !
This is to be a card for the Ribbon Girls first colour challenge
Black,White and Orange
And also had planned to make a coordinating fabric project.
Been pending for over a week -- ooops !
Has to be in by 3rd October !!!
This'll be my first challenge too ---
cold feet spring to mind !
We'll see !!
Was in past Moira's today and saw
Shady Lady  and other fabulous ReVamps in the flesh
WOW !!!
Watch out for them being posted !!!
See ya'
Anne xxx
Edited to add :--
Overwhelmed with the  visits from new blog buddies from WOYWW
Thank you for stopping by
will be round to see you all over the weekend
Anne xxx

Tuesday 28 September 2010

Slim Shady ??

No -- Shady Lady !

How Corgeous !!
Go check it out  !!!!
Anne xxx

Sunday 26 September 2010

Short and Sweet !!

Had fun yesterday with the Cr8 Girls
Making pincushions, kit holders and decorating their scrapbooks
so they can collect and document pics
and ideas of things they like
and projects they would like to make in future workshops.
Again meant to take pics ,
however the shop was busy too and forgot again --
maybe Emily or Sally will bring them in next time and we can take pics.
A hello to all the lovely new people who came into Jacqui's  yesterday
 if you have stopped by my blog -- look forward to your next visit to the shop
----and my blog too of course.
Chat soon
Anne xxx

Wednesday 22 September 2010


Was hoping to post pics of what I was up to today , ie WOYWW
however have been out all day and not managed anything crafty !
But it's fun to pop over there to see what everyone else is up to !
who has some goodies to give away too --- well actually it's The Budster
who's clearing out the Cubbyhole for his mum !!!
Am also so happy for Moira the ReVamper !!!
Things have really taken off for her and we have to wish a fond farewell to Frank and Fifi,
The Likely Lads Sid  and Daryl
not to mention lots of smaller unnamed items too
Great stuff and looking forward to your next revamps Moira
Anne xxxxxxx
PS not many comments yet to win the Spooky Prize !!!!
See Sidebar and get in there !!!

Tuesday 14 September 2010

Sew Totally Handy !!!

Absolutely Fabulous new fabrics have arrived to make your own
Crafty little tote

Workshop date :-
Thursday 7th October at 7pm
Call 01975564010
to book your place
Anne xxx
Cutie Patootie
to follow at the beginning of December for

Friday 10 September 2010

Be In It To Win It !!!

As they say-------
short post so you can leave a SPOOKY comment
and maybe  win the prize !!!!!
See my previous post

And Another clue ------click here

Chat soon !
Anne xxx

Wednesday 8 September 2010

Making a Spooktickle of Myself ????

Nope !!  ( well maybe ) ---
Jacqui has just released a sneaky peak !!

Halloween workshop on
Tuesday 5th October at 7 pm !!!!

Or in my case

Who's behind the mask ???
Not me, but someone who in previous posts asked
"Does my Bum look big in this " ?
A prize for the winning guess
Anne xxx
Leave a comment with your answer and a winner will be picked at

I'm in Stitches !!!

No not splitting my sides laughimg,
although laughing IS good for us --
I'm sewing up a storm --well cushions to be truthful lol !

Had no photos to make a post this morning , so after a visit to Kath's Blog
I decided to take a pic of my table and join in WOYWW

Been over  to The Ribbon Girls site too---
Some yummy goodies to be had over there !!
both for your cards or sewing projects.

Somebody's  knocking at my door be back in a mo !!
Anne xxx

I've clocked  the culprit !!
or should I say clucked !!

Henrietta Smallpiece
She's always trying to come in !!!

A little edit :- been on the Crafty Storage Blog
and wow you should see Kirsty's Workroom !

Monday 6 September 2010

All That Glitter ??????

What fun on Saturday with Kath and her Scrapplings
Pop to her blog and see them.
Pinched the pic from Kath (thank you Kath )
'cos forgot to take pics myself.
ooops I did it again !!!!

Fun Fundraising Day for
Save The Children
at Simply Create
Thanks for feedback Maureen and Kirsti re" fine cup of tea"
my remit at moment is  to make bags
let me see??? bag lady or
Tea lady
not much choice is there ????
Anne xxx

Saturday 4 September 2010

Thank you means so much !!!

Was so happy today to receive these two thank you cards from
Fiona and Lauren
Wendy's granddaughters
If you remember I did a mini workshop with them when they were up here on holiday.

So glad they love their projects !!!
This is what they made

Anne xxx

Wednesday 1 September 2010

Taking up Residence !!!!

Spent a great  day with Moira installing all her beautiful ReVamps
into her new  booth at The Aberdeen Antique Centre
Picture to the right  -> -> ->
Doesn't it look FAB !!!
What a clever , talented and inspiring girl she is !!!
Do take time to pop in if you are in the area
Anne xxxxxxx

ps Kath will be doing a demo day on Saturday 2nd of October --YAY !!!