Monday 28 February 2011

A visit to Rustiques....

Today I went for catch up visit to see how things are progressing with
 Moira at Rustiques
Walls all freshley painted and a beautiful wooden floor in one of the showrooms.
More finishing touches to be done this week for the arrival of stock early next week.
Was priviliged to get a sneeky peek and have a shopping list already !!!!!!!
Yesterday was the third cushion workshop and I forgot to tke pics...AGAIN!!!
Sonja has posted that she has now finished hers from the first workshop and has also made up her tote bag kit... well done Sonja

Lampshade kits available from Moira.......

And thank you for the pics Sonja x

 And a thank you to Kirsti for the Blog Award

Well that's today and yesterday, so that leaves tomorrow and I can't wait to go to the Cubbyhole with Debbi
and see in reallife Kath's fab project made with TIM!
Anne xxx

Monday 21 February 2011

From ReVamp to Rustiques !!!!!

So excited----, Moira is soon to be in her new business home on beautiful Deeside
as Revamp graciously retires to become to  Rustiques .
pop to Moira's blog for the latest news about the transformation of shop interior and the arrival of fabulous  stock.

What an absolutely wonderful location,
  and I know Rustique will be a great success !
Sending love and support Moira

As for me, sorry not blogged for a few days again.
Had the Cr8 workshop at the weekend and forgot to take pics, and speaking of workshops the third cushion workshop was full by the  beginning of last week .
Anne xxx

Sunday 13 February 2011

What's been going on !?!

Well Wednesday ,as re last post, found Debbi and I at Kath's for girl chat,
and of course crafty goings on in the cubbyhole.
Thank You Kath for lovely lunch again .
Thursday was back to work at Jacqui's  and an after school party ,
where the girls made a lovely mini album
and ate cake !!!
Friday in the shop again and then the Shabby Raggy Workshop in the eveving .

One enthusiastic participant was taking attention to detail a little far don't you think ??
even added her glasses for closer inspection !!!
Any ideas who it is Carol and Aud ?????

Kath's finished cushion !!!!

Fab eh ??
Anne xxx

Wednesday 9 February 2011


Yes , I got it right this week and it is Wednesday !
Not at my workdesk again this week as am off to the cubbyhole to see Kath , Buddy and meet up with Debbi..
Do pop to Julia's and join in the WOYWW fun.
Also pop to the Ribbon Girl's Blog and see the fab cards Kath has made for them.
Anne xxx
Edited to add a little love from Wipso !
Who would like to see how far we can spread this love .

Tuesday 8 February 2011

An Award

Thank you to Jane for this award.
I am not passing it on as there are too many good blogs I like and it's too hard to choose,
however thanks again Jane for your support
Anne xxx

Monday 7 February 2011


Variation on a theme -- today is not WOYWW but WMLMT
ie, What's on My Lunch Menu Today !

Met Tina at Debbi's workshop on Saturday and she gave me a jar of her fab Beetroot Chutney.
I had hinted after hearing Kath saying how yummy it is.... and yes it is as you can see from the jar ,
it's only Monday and it's almost finished !!
So on My Lunch Menu is crusty bread,cheese and chutney ---yum !
Anne xxx

Saturday 5 February 2011

PRO fessional in action !

Quick post before I'm off to catch up with Debbi -- She's tutoring at Simply Create today,
Being Lettrasets First Product Coach we are so lucky having her so nearby to teach us .

Tuesday 1 February 2011

Another WOYWW Already !! oops it's only Tuesday !!!

Not exactly what's on my workdesk , but samples in the shop . The Sabby Raggy Chic Cushion Workshop is pending on the 11th February (it being the second edition )  and am happy to say it is full .
In the photo is the original cushion , a bag made at the same workshop by Wendy as she didn't want a cushion I gave her instruction to use the technique to make the bag and finally a matching lampshade made by Moira , who has kits for sale if you want to coordinate your room.
So my workdesk will be covered in fabric again as two bags have been ordered ready made .
Why not join in and peek round other workdesks this
Anne xxx
Edited  to add if you're reading this on Tuesday.......I  must  be more careful when doing the schedule thingiee,but  the bright side is I am  all set for Wednesday yay !
Silly me !