Friday 18 June 2010

In Concert !!!!

Beeb Four !!!!!
Stevie Winwood and Eric Clapton  !!!!!
Back Later !!
Must Watch !!!

Wednesday 16 June 2010

What's on my Workdesk Wednesday ????

Piles of stuff actually !!!!
But not had a productive day as was visiting my friend Rai
who is in hospital this week.
Looking forward to you getting home Rai and us getting back in that polytunnel !!!!
So if you want to see a busy , productive desk -- pop to Kath's
her work is fab as usual.
So excited ---Visiting the CUBBYHOLE tomorrow
along with Lyn and Debbie
Hope Kath let's us play !!!
(Packing the doggie treats Buddy !!)
Anne xxx

Monday 14 June 2010

Endeering !!!!

What you looking at  ???? says Mr Deer.
As I said yesterday getting ever nearer the house !!
Wish I had a zoom lense .
Anne xxx

Sunday 13 June 2010

****Mad Crafter's Tea Party ****

Well not exactly ---
these are samples for the "Fly Cup and Fancy Piece Workshop "
which was cancelled
Just thought I'd share them and not party on my own he he !!

Yay have managed for the first time to post two pics
on the same post --- thanks to  Kath
Letting the side down so trying to catch up on
 thePink Ladies challenge that Jacqui set us --working from the sketch in the picture
Anyone remember how many we were to make ??????
Better get them finished for the next meet .
Gosh two posts in one day too.
The deer is nearer the house today but will ssave that pic for tomorrow.
Anne xxx

### Buddy your Mum's a Star ###

 Kath's demo day yesterday was brilliant !!!
So many techniques and ideas covered.
Thank you Kath for sharing your talent.
Thanks too to Jacqui for her hospitality .
Pop in and see more of Kath's gorgeous work in the shop
you'll be totally inspired !!
Anne xxxx

Friday 4 June 2010

Oh Deer !!!!!

Haven't managed any photos
but have deer with baby in garden!!
Well it's actually our adjoining field
Mummy and daddy are with it tonight.
will try and get a pic if I can do it without disturbing them.
do have a pic of mum up the field on monday morning !!!
hope you can see it ok
Is this why we moved to the country ???
ps. our chickens are camera shy  and didn't pose for the pic !!
Anne xxxx