Tuesday 31 May 2011

The Story so Far ......

little cabinet got it's first coat

and the little tartan set of drawers might get a bit of treatment
if they dont run for the hills !!
 Planning to get the next coat on today.
Deciding on ----- papering the interior ???
------Stenciling the glass door ???
-------Distressing the exterior ???
oooo  answers on a postcard !!!

Yesterday was at Simply Create , pricing the new BoBunny !!
More must have's !!!!
Think you'll like them Kath !!
Clocks and Kraft colours !!!!..
and stamps !!!!!

Tomorrow will be at Rustiques --
Margaret and Arlene from
Creative Interiors
will be there ,
presenting a wide range of fabrics and advice
to ceate your unique living and interior design solutions
along side Moira's individual flair for inspirational interiors

See you all tomorrow for

Anne xxx

Extra Extra !
Popped into see Jacqui today and to wish her
celebrated with strawberry tarts , coke
and the opening of two delivery boxes filled with fab crafty stuff ---
some great pieces for altering Kath

and more beautiful papers , trims and embelishments.
luvly jubbly

Monday 30 May 2011

The Projects !!!

The Majestic Grunge Bag -------

Stenciled with fabric inks,
fabric fixing with spray adhesive and bondaweb,
stamping -----
and the only sewing involved was attatching the buttons and chains.
I didn't have any Lions Rampant  , hence the rampant stags !!!!
One cheeky crafter was hoping for a rather well known male performance group !!!!! He He !!!
and a great suggestion from Lily---
it should have read
liking that Lily, maybe pinch that for next bag.

Waiting to start -------

And they're off !!!!

Kath and Debbi have their fab projects up for viewing too,
so off you go for a look
Anne x

Sunday 29 May 2011

We Girls did have Fun !

Yesterday at 
Girls just Want to have Fun
was great !!!!!
Couple of photos here over on Kath's blog.
The three of us certainly enjoyed ourselves ,
so a huge thank you to all you lovely crafters who joined us,
and a thanks from me to Kath and Debbi , my super chums ,
and not forgetting Charlotte and Rachel at the Papeterie,
and Jacqui, Mrs Simply Create , who furnished me with plenty of ink pads
so as not to hold up proceedings -- 'cos I would have been in the naughty
corner if I'd made the whole day run late !!!
OOOO ERRR - I see Kath says we're doing it again !!!!!!!

Today am catching up indoors , however as usual ----- sidetracked !!!
Started on this little cabinet, picked up at a local charity shop,
and am at last playing with my Annie Sloan paint again .
Forgot to take picture before actually starting ----
inside now painted --

but will let you see the finished article .

Moira has some  terrific pieces she has finished pictured on her Rustiques blog,
pop and have a look.
happy Sunday everyone
Anne x

Thursday 26 May 2011

Everything but the kitchen sink !!

All ready for Saturday .
Now to catch up on the ironing !!!!!!!
OOOOPS the iron is   packed for Saturday ----
yes girls there's no getting away from housework, but this should be more fun !
Popped by Simply Create this morning to see Carole installed with her Floral Finesse,
gorgeous flowers !!!!!
Will be at Simply Create tomorrow, ooooooo ,
will get to check out the new stock !!!!!!!
Anne x

Wednesday 25 May 2011

Playing catch up yet again !

Not had time to blog the past few days.
Spent Sunday die cutting for Saturday and finishing the kitting up.
Monday at Simply Create , then back in the evening for the second workshop on the dolly.
Tuesday was at Rustiques ,

a busy day and another exciting delivery at four thirty so just had to stay and help unpack --- translates as couldn't wait to see the fabulous new items !!!!!!
One of which is an amazing bird cage !!!!
Today was in at the Cubbyhole to finalise Saturday with Kath and Debbi,
only three sleeps , girls !!!!
Back home to time the workshop and now
waiting for hubby to arrive home and then after our meal
more organising ----- or maybe just watch The Apprentice ,
mmmmmmmmmm decisions !!!!
so that's me to date and almost forgot it's WOYWW
so must pop to Julia's and see what everyone's up to ------
Anne x

Saturday 21 May 2011

You Lookin' at Me ?

Managed to catch on Film -- well digitally speaking  !
If you remember we had a doe and her babies  not far from this spot last year --
hoping we see more little ones this year .
Will let you know.

Yesterday was busy with window dressing and fabric cutting  at Simply Create.
Followed by the first of the two Dolly Workshops in the evening .
Then back today for Kath's techniques workshop --sorry forgot to take piccies of either workshop-
but fun was had at both.

an update on Daisy -- so happy to say she will get her op so pop to Kirsty's 
and keep up on the latest reports --
and still time to buy a ticket and help and also maybe win a great prize !!
Hats off to Kirsty !

Friday 20 May 2011

Cutting Edge Crafts have the Edge !

Yes , they certainly have the edge on excellent service.
(and all the dies you need !!!)
Remember the legless reindeer ?
Well emailed Cutting Edge for help and they were straight back with a reply
and a replacement was in the post and here the next day recorded delivery !!!!

So was back in business yesterday with prep for
Girls just want to have Fun
Ooooops another little hint of what's on the menu .

Anne x

Thursday 19 May 2011

Let's Help Save Daisy !!!! SHE NEEDS ALL OUR HELP

Please go over and take time to read this read THIS
Kirsty has launched an appeal for help to save Daisy's life.
Thank you

Wednesday 18 May 2011

Pomp and Circumstance ..........

Sneaky Peek of 
"Girls Just Want to have FUN " 
following the Royal Wedding  
my workshop is based around  a little "Majestic Grunge "

Inky stenciling , stamping and no sew fabric work ........
Debbi and Kath both have peeks of their projects on their blogs this morning,
Go see their fab projects peeks !!!!
The all day workshop (including lunch) , we feel covers lots of  techniques
using various products to INSPIRE.

And speaking of peeks , today is
so pop to Julia's blog and join in all the fun  and see what everyone is up to
on their workdesks .

And today you'll find me at Rustiques
Anne x

Tuesday 17 May 2011

Legless !!!

No not me after a night on the bottle !!!!
My new Tim's Alteratins Die  --- Reindeer Flight .
Cuts the back feet off the deer !!!

The top one is fine but have wasted so many that aren't usable ---
or would you have noticed ???

More workshop prep to do tomorrow -- Rabbits to dress
 and  " bags to do " ( excuse the pun )
sneaky peeks tomorrow,
and it's WOYWW too .
Have a good day
Anne x

Monday 16 May 2011

Sharing .....

As Rosie can't make the first part of the doll workshop on Friday at Simply Create,
we spent this morning  making a start on her doll
so she wasn't left behind next Monday when everyone will be making the outfit
after making the doll on Friday evening ......

Must share Rosie's first ever quilt  she brought to show me .....it's fabulous !

Don't you agree  ??
great job Rosie, the first of many more I hope .
Anne x

Sunday 15 May 2011

It's in the Bag !!!

Prep for the 28th , that is  ----
Stick , Stencil, Stamp and Stitch
is the order of the day .
A little bit vintage , a little bit grungy, with a smattering of shabby chic .
Sneaky peeks soon ................

Meantime , why not pop to The Ribbon Girls
 and enter their  Colour challenge 8

Be in it to win it !!!

Friday 13 May 2011

Yesterday's News ...

Mr Blogger wouldn't let me sign in last night to let you see what I'd been up to..........
was back at Simply Create yesterday and Jacqui asked me to use the new
fabric squares packs and produce another shabby cushion,

 people are still asking if there is another class.
However I decided instead to use the technique to make a bag .....

The fabrics are so summery and colourful ....
a fun holiday bag !

And talking of bags ,
 Maureen emailed me a photo of her bag she has decorated with lot of fab crochet flowers she is now an expert in making !!!!!!!
Great job Maureen X

Today was in Simply Create again and working on
"Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit"
No not blethering to myself, but a dressmaking workshop
for the cute rabbits Jacqui has instore ---

Will let you see her in her new outfit soon .

What a happy surprise today when Lily arrived with my lunch,
and we had to crank up the music so she could have a little boogie !!

What a cool little mover !!!!
Anne x

Wednesday 11 May 2011

WOYWW....... this evening......

Spent today at Rustiques and boy did I want to spend !!!!
Lots of new items and interior accessories  ...........

And just loved this clever touch Moira has given the stairs ..........

And upstairs I've fallen in love with this chair and footstool

So after a busy day,  am home with more fabric waiting on my "workdesk"
along with a bag to work on for the
Girls Just Want to Have Fun Workshop

So pop to Julia's and see what everyones got on their workdesks
Have fun
Anne x

Edited to add :- why not join in Julia's PIF
Pay it Forward
make a pressie for the second anniversary and pass it on .........

Tuesday 10 May 2011

A Taste of Chalk .......

That is the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
A couple of pics of two of the techniques Moira and I covered on Sunday :-

One coat of Old Violet as the base, the stenciled with Old White using a
small sponge roller - the radiator type - applying gently and building up the colour.
Clear wax applied ,allowed to dry , then buffed to give a fab smooth finish.
The finished piece reminded me of a vintage Laura Ashley design.


A base of  Old Ochre chalk paint, then traditional decoupage technique -- photocopies of designs-- applied with
 Mod Podge, then the images softened with more paint . Allowed to dry then stage one crackle applied -
dried .
Stage two crackle applied and dried.
Coated with clear wax
Then finished by antiquing with the dark wax.
Buffed to give the super smooth finish again.

FAB !!!

Share more soon
Anne x

Monday 9 May 2011

I'm Back in Action !!!

Well, yesterday Moira and I hade a great day with Cait and Gibson of
discovering the aptitudes of the fabulous Annie Sloan Chalk Paint,
More details soon .........
Today was back at Simply Create with Jacqui,
finishing dolly and with another two bookings today that sees the workshop full.

Had to laugh at the hairdo !!!
Jacqui bought in really curly doll hair and before the bunchies, dolly
looked like the cheese straw man off the tv add !!!!!!
Lots of fab Tilda fabric instore and after a complete shift around to make room
for more goddies the shop is looking good.
Off to see Lily tomorrow , and then Wednesday in at Rustiques,
where more new stock is arriving tomorrow !!!
All this new stuff , I'll be skint !!!!!
Anne x

Thursday 5 May 2011

Strawberry Molly Giveaway .....

Soooo cute !!!
Pop over here ---- you might be lucky !!!
Anne x

Wednesday 4 May 2011

Happy Birthday to Lily !!!

Lily is Three Today.......
and look what she got .....

And as for me .... I'm rubish at self diagnosis ....
it wasn't the sun or a bug but ....
the shingles virus !!!!
Am now sporting a lovely rash, however am feeling ok and over the dizzies etc.
To follow doctors orders and take the prescribed tablets I had to make
a sixty mile round trip to Westhill as the local Alford Chemist
didn't have said pills in stock and I had to start the course today or they wouldn't be effective .
mmmmmmm just as well I wasn't still feeling so ill !!!!!!
Well, I have a date now with a bottle of calamine.....
Anne x
Edited to add .... almost forgot what day it is with losing Monday in bed  .......

Tuesday 3 May 2011

The Sun has had it's Hat On ??????

No, I should have had MY hat on ........
Have been laid up since Sunday evening with maybe a touch too much sun ...
(it might have been a bug, who knows) but have certainly been under the weather,
not able to stand up yeterday cos of the dizzies ...
but getting back on track tonight and this made me smile......

Not content with knocking on the door she thought she'd try the window !!!
Flattening all the little plants as she went !!
Hope everyone else well
Back tomorrow with more pics
Anne x

Sunday 1 May 2011

Dolly's got her Pants On !!

She 'll be getting her skirt,  apron,  jacket and shoes tomorrow !
Her ankles look a bit swollen , but that's only the angle of the photo !
Show you more soon ..........
Still one space ........tel 01975564010 and book it .
Happy Sunday everyone .....
Anne x

another little peek .................
now sporting pants,skirt and apron