Tuesday 31 May 2011

The Story so Far ......

little cabinet got it's first coat

and the little tartan set of drawers might get a bit of treatment
if they dont run for the hills !!
 Planning to get the next coat on today.
Deciding on ----- papering the interior ???
------Stenciling the glass door ???
-------Distressing the exterior ???
oooo  answers on a postcard !!!

Yesterday was at Simply Create , pricing the new BoBunny !!
More must have's !!!!
Think you'll like them Kath !!
Clocks and Kraft colours !!!!..
and stamps !!!!!

Tomorrow will be at Rustiques --
Margaret and Arlene from
Creative Interiors
will be there ,
presenting a wide range of fabrics and advice
to ceate your unique living and interior design solutions
along side Moira's individual flair for inspirational interiors

See you all tomorrow for

Anne xxx

Extra Extra !
Popped into see Jacqui today and to wish her
celebrated with strawberry tarts , coke
and the opening of two delivery boxes filled with fab crafty stuff ---
some great pieces for altering Kath

and more beautiful papers , trims and embelishments.
luvly jubbly


  1. waiting with anticipation to see what you are going to do with the cabinet...have fun..big hugs kath xxx

  2. Ooh Anne it's lovely., Papering the interiror sounds like a grand idea to me, then you'd have to leave the glass so people could see and then you may not want to and...any help??!!

  3. Looking good Anne! Can't wait to see the finished article!

  4. Looking brilliant Anne, can't wait to see the sideboard/table and chairs - to coin a phrase - EXCITING!!!!(insert popping eyes)

  5. Love the cabinet and drawers. I think papering would be great but here lately I am painting and stamping everything I do. Looking forward to seeing the finished projects. Thanks for sharing. Vickie