Saturday 30 April 2011

It Was a Great Day All Round

Well yesteday certainly was a special day for William and Kate
Wishing them a life of happiness together .........
 A very quiet morning , everyone watching the wedding ceremony,
so I took the opportunity to take a few pics.........

The afternoon found people out enjoying the fabulous weather we're having up here in the northeast, and what better than a visit to Royal Deeside.
And of course Rustiques

and I spent a busy afternoon , not surprising as lots of different goodies at
since my last  visit
and she was away stocking up with even more !!!
Every visit sees  Rustiques with a new look !!! 
I love that Chaise and the Huge Mirror !!!!!!!!

Just had to buy some more of the Annie Sloan paint - Emperor's Silk this time.
A true red , which can be mixed of course with the Old White to make girly pink .
I want the red for the inside of my cupboards in the kitchen, as the raeburn is red.
Outsides Old White and Paris  grey.
Another job added to the list !
You've really started something , Moira !!!

finishing the prep for the doll workshop and maybe a little window dressing.

Hope you all have a good weekend and if you're in this neck of the woods
is open Sunday and Monday despite the May Day Holiday
so come visit !!!!
Anne x

PS.    Had hoped to enter the Penny Black Saturday Challenge ,
but yet again have not had time, I'll get to join in sometime soon Kath !!!!!!
Not to mention the Less is More and The Ribbon Girl's Challenges !!!!!

Thursday 28 April 2011

Workshop Prep !

Next Friday sees the "Dolly Dimples " workshop at Simply Create .
Have  decided to go with a Tilda doll
 as there is a fabulous seletion of Tilda fabrics in Jacqui's shop just now.
( And a little bird tells me there  are new designs on their way )
Click on the photo to enlarge and see how gorgeous these fabrics are .
There's a place left if you would like to join us ,
phone Jacqui on 01975564010
Will post peeks of the doll after the weekend.

Other workshops at Simply Create  to highlight are :-
Debbi's Promarker Demo and workshop on Saturday 14th May
Kath's Techniques 101 Workshop on 21st May

Enjoy tomorrow everyone
I'll be watching online as will be working at Rustiques
as Moira off for more new stock !!!

Anne xxx
edited to add :- will only be watching between sales., Moira !
The customer always comes first as they say .

Wednesday 27 April 2011


Lily Loves Ladybirds !!!
So a patchwork cushie number ----
I had some a ladybird design fat quarter cotton in my stash  and coordinated the colours in the machine embroidery,(centre)
et voila --- a cushion for Lily ----

And some more gardening yesterday !!!!!

Her brief was to water the flowers we potted up -----
however after watering ME , she went on to sweeping .
I came home with wet pants (trousers ) --- not the self watered kind though !!!!!!
Pop to Julia's to check out more WOYWW
Anne x

Tuesday 26 April 2011

Patterns and Kits

Well about time too !!!!
this morning have been printing out the pattern/instructions for
Cutie Patootie Wee Gift Bag

Will be scooting off shortly to Jacqui's - Simply Create
to deliver some , as five patient ladies have been waiting for their kits
which I cut last week and due to printer hiccups could get the patterns sorted.
(NB it doesn't really pay to buy "look a likey" ink cartridges - naming no specific supermarket-
as that was the problem and they sent the printer into a major strop !)
All fixed now and so am pleased to say patterns and kits will be out there for you.
The three available at present :-
Cutie patootie
Totally Handy
Shabby Raggy Chic Cushion
Will give further details shortly  re prices, fabric choices and how/where to buy.
 Please leave a comment if you find this of interest
Anne x

Edited to add :- the hens didn't finish the digging yesterday , boo hoo  !!!! lol

Edited again to add if you want to contact me :-

Monday 25 April 2011

Today's Little Helpers -----

Following on from yesterday's post ..........

Am off to Lily's this morning ------
hope these little girls get the job finished by the time I get back !!!
Have a good day
Anne x

Sunday 24 April 2011

Little Helping Hands ----

Another early start again today---
beds stripped and washed , then onto the sewing machine 'til lunch,
(card making still on hold !)
then back outside to the garden -----
with a little help from a budding little garden designer -----

Decided to dig up this little grass bed and plant up a herb garden near the  door--
what a great job Lily is doing -- not exactly dressed for gardening , but who cares when you're having fun !
Hope everyone's had a good Easter Sunday
Anne x

Saturday 23 April 2011

An Eventful Morning !!!!!

With my list of jobs ever longer ,
 I got up at stupid o'clock as they say to get as many ticked off said list as possible............
Washing on - more gardening while it was cool ---------
BUT !!!
Looked up to see a "herd " (---- 8------) of cattle at the end of the drive !!!!!
So off we went to coax them into a field till we could identify which farm they had escaped from ---
choice of three  surrounding us .
They were having non of it and while we came in to phone --- they went walkabout again , back on the road .
There are some really stupid people in this world !!!!
No patience ----- started tooting horns --- poor cattle got really scared and stampeded up the hill--
round the back of our outbuilding and jumped the fence back on to the road.
Didn't mince my words with the stupid driver -----
So there I was -- broom in hand flagging down cars so they didn't come head on with the cattle in the road .
They are safely back in their own field, hopefully non the worse for wear!!
Having a cup of coffee now before getting back to the jobs in hand.
This is not an uncommon occurance out here -----
On my way to see Jacqui on Wednesday , I was chasing a sheep and her two lambs back to their field !!!
Fun in the countryside or what ?????
Shame I didn't think to run for the camera .
Hope everyone is  having as much fun  !!!
Anne x

Friday 22 April 2011

Still No Craft !!!

Another day today where no work will get done -----
got to  go out again ----
So just to popped on and say "HI" , having nipped out and taken  some flower pics in the garden to cheer up my post -----
Very foggy this morning out here in Alford, but hopefully the sun will get through as the day goes on.

Have a good day everyone
And a Happy Easter.
Anne xxx

Thursday 21 April 2011

No Craft Today !!

Off out again to play !!!
Meeting up with Fiona and Kath
before going to play with Lily .
Will have to work double time when I get home !!!
have a fun day everyone
Anne x

Wednesday 20 April 2011


On my "workdesk" this morning are these beautiful pansies I bought
yesterday at Rustiques.
So will be potting up the old window boxes .
A gorgeous day  at Rustiques in  Royal Deeside ,
Kath has some fab pics of the surroundings.
Click here to visit and see them
Inside is fab too .............

Have a good WOYWW everyone
and visit Julia to join in.
Anne x

Tuesday 19 April 2011

Another invitation

No not an invitation to the ROYAL wedding,
 I'm so happy to accept Kath's and Debbi's invitation to join them in an exciting adventure !!!

And now  I'm inviting YOU  to join us  !!!

 It's sure to be a great days crafting
Book early by contacting Kath !!!
Anne x

Sunday 17 April 2011

Sunny Sunday

What a fabulous day today
Spring has certainly sprung this weekend.
Sharing some of Alison's wares ,
a fab clown , made of  "yo yo flowers"

and her first of many
Cutie Patooties !!!

Great job Alison !!!
Anne xxx

Saturday 16 April 2011

Simply Crufts !!!

 Meet Benson !!
In shopping at Simply Create today .

A pal for Buddy !!!

Friday 15 April 2011

Vintage fabrics -----

Classic Laura Ashley prints from my stash --- now  cut ready for a quilt.
The photo doesn't do the colours justice , so will photo again in daylight when completed.

Off to spend day with Lily today, yesterday we painted a mug for daddy,
so hoping to sow seeds later,  she loves "gardening".
So the quilt will have to wait for now !!!!!

Modelling mummy's hat !!!
Hope you all have a good day
Anne x

Thursday 14 April 2011

Smashing !!

Popped over to Sonja's blog last night and read her post
about the smash concept .
Keeping notes, ideas , musings , sketches, doodles, scraps ,thoughts and such is something I've
always done and anyone who knows me well will know my book / books are never far away.

 do you have one to share ?
Anne x

Wednesday 13 April 2011


On Mine is gorgeous Liberty Fabric with matching BIG button  , a present for Lily sitting when mummy and daddy went to London,  keep getting it out stroking it ,  but reluctant to cut it yet. 
 Must make a decision what it is to be !!!

Also is a fab collection of STEAM PUNK CHARMS bought yesterday at Karen's --- just couldn't resist them. They will be appearing on sewing and paper crafty stuff !

I had a wonderful day yesterday with Kath   ---beautiful weather, a relaxing drive over the Cabrach ,      
Pop to Kath's for photos .
We could hold a crafty DIY  house rescue at the new  "Cubbyhole"  we spotted one our way !!!
A big thank you to Karen and Kate for their hospitality.

Now off to check out other crafty news on WOYWW !
Anne xxx

Tuesday 12 April 2011

A Grand Day a Out !!!

No not Wallace and Grommit ---

Kath and I 
are off this morning  over the Cabrach to Elgin to visit Karen
Meeting up in Alford , to go North over beautiful countryside , for a relaxing drive
to catch with Karen in her shop , where Kath is soon to be doing a  demo day
The pic is of this amazing gate we will pass,  which said something about the emptiness of the Scottish hills
But I find a still contentment as I drive over these hills ,
especially on a spring morning filled with soft sunshine.

Really enjoyed the time at Rustiques yesterday,
Moira has more samples of items given the Annie Sloan makeover,
so am really champing at the bit to get the brushes out ...
but not before my day out with Kath !!!
Anne xxx

Monday 11 April 2011

UFO at large !!!

I must get round to finishing this UFO ( Unfinished Object )

The technique is very easy and the top did not take long to do , however I wouldn't like to admit how long it has been waiting to be backed and quilted  !!!!
Well it wont be done today, as off to Rustiques 'cos a liitle bird told me
more new stock coming in !!!

Hope you all have a good day
Anne x

Sunday 10 April 2011

New Staff at Simply Create ??????

What a cute young man set to work at Simply Create yesterday .
And a  great job he did too !!!
Thank you Jack xxxx

Another visitor brought me an Easter gift ,
thank you Shona and Brodie  xxx

Soooo cute and a super idea for kids to make .
Shona told me how to make a rabbit version too, so Lily and I could be caught having a go !!

Also Liz and Sandra gave me the news of their new venture
Little Grey Hares
A very creative pair , who's skills compliment each other giving an eclectic mix .
They produce cards, jewellery, felt beads, dolls ----- and lots more.
Their website will be up and running soon----watch this space .
It was great fun chatting to you both yesterday and I hope you share all those goodies you bought !!!

Enjoy your day,everyone
Anne x

Saturday 9 April 2011

Felt I needed to share -----

My first venture into felting.
Not tried this before, but thanks to a special person, Angela,
who encouraged me to give it a go, this is the result.
Quite pleased with him, ( female ladybirds being a different colour apparently)
The next item I make will be a bit thicker, but will attatch this to a bag or something.......
Must dash -- of to work at Simply Create -----
Have a good day
Anne x

Friday 8 April 2011

Invitation Accepted ,

Out of the blue was contacted by Catherine of Gaelo Jewellery inviting me to join them in NEOS
------North East Open Studios------

NEOS info

The North East Open Studios (NEOS) is Scotlands Largest Open Studios event! An award winning, not for profit collective of artists, makers and galleries in the North East of Scotland who open their doors to the public yearly. Founded in 2003 - NEOS has gone from strength to strength making it Scotland's largest open studios.
The NEOS "Event" is usually in the second week of September, where participants open their doors to the public.
NEOS 2011 will run from September 10th - 18th

If  you remember Catherine rescued Daryl and I during the bad winter weather when the back wheel came off the van !!!!
I had some of my work with me to deliver and over coffee whilst waiting for the garage ,Catherine  admired it and how delighted and flattered I was when I got her call at the end of last week.
A photo is required for the book , so deciding what to make at first threw me , however time being short I have chosen an old faithful :-------

This time done in red suede and coordinating wool plaid
and piping
with a hand made matching tassle.
It has to be photographed today and submitted before Tuesday !
Now only have to make lots of stock of different designs and fabrics .
Am sooo excited and bursting with ideas .
Daryl really happy too --- maybe all that fabric stash will now will come in to it's own and not clutter up the place !!!
Have a good weekend
Anne x

Thursday 7 April 2011

Not just a bracelet !!

Aileen has a class on 14th April introducing bead workshops to
The first technique is the spiral stitch in the form of a bracelet,
which can be adapted to make really pretty centres for coursages or the crochet flowers  from Edwina's
recent workshop .

The class starts at 6.30 so call 01975564010 to book a place
Anne x

Wednesday 6 April 2011

WOYWW -------

Having a play !!!
On our trip to the SECC last autumn---------
remember this?????
our quiet,  sedate jouney home ---!!!!???
 I had fancied a hotfix tool and Aud
let me have a try with  hers before I buy  -- thanks Aud ,
and yes it has to be added to the shopping list --
bah , just missed Mother's Day !
Will be catching up later with all  you crafty peeps  over on Julia's for another
Have a good day
Anne x

Tuesday 5 April 2011

The Wanderer returns !!!

Not that I've been wandering aimlessly around, my days have been filled with family stuff (Lily ),work and playing catch up with myself, so have been a very poor blogger
But it's good to be back !.
Yesterday saw another visit to Rustiques
Have bought some of the Annie Sloan chalk  paint , inspired by the tables Moira has transformed ,  Picture below,  so more jobs added to my list.
If it don't move it's getting painted !!!!!

Will be back to join in WOYWW tomorrow,
have missed seeing what everyone is up to.
Anne x