Saturday 30 July 2011

Saturday Night at the Movies .....

After over two weeks of working everyday --- inc . Sunday --
Chillin' in front of the telly tonight !!!
But back in the groove tomorrow ---
commissions to make ---
then back at Rustiques on Monday ----
sorry no photos ---
will take some in the morning ---
hope all good this weekend for everyone
Anne xxxxx

Wednesday 27 July 2011


Well , wish I could say  this is my desk this week !!!
but another fab piece from Rustiques .
Go over to Julia's and peek at real workdesks this week on
Anne xxx

Saturday 23 July 2011

Bunny's got a boyfriend !!!!

Posing in front of the fab flower display from
Bunny and her Bloke !!!
Ready for a close up of
Max and Ruby.......

Handsome devil or what ???
The work of Alison , following from the workshop at
Simply Create
Just love him !!!
Can't wait to see the offspring ----
and where's your blog Alison ?!?!
Get out there your work is fab !
Anne xxxxxx

Friday 22 July 2011

Dressing up .....

I visited Twiglet and Wipso,
and was humbled by their involvement in
They have been busy making gorgeous little dresses,
this one made by Twiglet---- 

which are sent to
to be sent to little girls all  over the world .
Pop over and find out more ,
I have and will be joining in as much as I can.
Anne x

Wednesday 20 July 2011


On mine this week....
Papers (Sweet Stitches) and stamp (pattern pieces ) from
Stampin' up.

Also a few more ufo hearts I found hiding in a basket,
so they are now finished.
Will share the finished SU projects soon .
Off to visit Julia's and then some of  of your workdesks.
Anne xxx

Tuesday 19 July 2011

Thank You .....

for featuring Lily on your blog
with  her card making

she really does enjoy the crafty stuff.
Anne x

Monday 18 July 2011

It's Raining , It's Pouring ......

But I ain't snoring .......
despite the heavy rain today have been kept busy at

Rustiques !

The weather doesn't  detract from these beautiful surroundings
and thankfully there was a break in the rain to allow
the fabulous striped chair and stool to be carried away to a new home .....

Yesterday too the rain held off for the carboot sale,
albeit the organisers had decided to take no risks and hold it inside the church hall.
Sold a few bits and bobs ---- but hardly making any more space at home!!!!
Will be doing it again soon methinks .

Hope all good with everyone
Anne x

Saturday 16 July 2011

Steam Punk ???

No, furniture fixings ,
but modern !
mmmmmmm me thinks I could use them ---
the one on left is for fixing drawer runners ,
the one on right is a spreader late ---
used at hubby's work ----
will he get me some to play with ????????
Of to a car boot tomorrow at
to  clear out some fabric and and crafty stuff,
fingers crossed it doesn't rain !!!!

Friday 15 July 2011

Painting just isn't enough !!!!

More of Lily's work......
this time card making ....

Put all the goodies  (thank you Kath and Jacqui) on the table and let her go for it .
Lily was three in May and I was blown away as to where she stuck the sun glasses and flip flops
 on the Craftwork  Cards 
from their "Fruit Scoop " range .
Oh, and it did have to have a mobile phone ...
trunk calls sooooo old hat !!!!!
She did have help with the fun spelling but stuck  the letters where she chose.
Mummy thinks Lily will be an engineer as she loves tools and "fixing" things ,
but I think there is a budding artist in the making .
Whichever path she follows , we are so proud and love her to bits !

Thursday 14 July 2011

Makeover ........

Lined up for the
Annie Sloan
That was fun , but watching paint dry is sooooo boring........
quality control is important though !!!!
Thanks Auntie Moira , your paint demos are great .
Annie Sloan chalk paint available from  Rustiques.

Wednesday 13 July 2011


On mine today is fabric ,
both pieces pure wool ....... 

As I said yesterday , have to get cracking for
at the beginning of September .
The lighter of the two fabrics I am going to team up with denim,
for a "country funky" look,
and the other I will keep more traditional , me thinks.
But first am back off to Westhill to
"Annie Sloan"
a table , so the sewing will start this evening ,
along with visits to
Have a good day and stop by Julia's to join in .
Anne x

Tuesday 12 July 2011

Bird watching .....

This cute little fledgling was constantly being fed by mum,
but unfortunately my camera was not quick enough to catch them in action .
He/she's one of many circling the house at the moment ,
finding their wings ,
so have to keep the windows and doors closed or they come in .
Soooooo cute !!!!
Must now get back in making mode ,
as NEOS is fast approaching,
See you tomorrow for
Anne xxx

Monday 11 July 2011

Ribbon Girl Christmas Giveaway !!!!

Yes , they are doing Christmas in July too
and to win one of the mini Christmas Kits
pop  to the Ribbon Girls Blog
and leave a comment before the17th July and a link on your own blog .
Good Luck
Anne xxx

Sunday 10 July 2011

Touching base -----

Morning all ---
Am here at Rustiques  this very showery Sunday,
so a quick hello and zip round a few blogs to keep up with what's going on in Blogland.
Catch up soon
Anne x.

Friday 8 July 2011

Away 'Til Tuesday ----

Off to stay at Lily's 'til Tuesday.
Will try and post if I can , otherwise have a great weekend everyone
and will cach up next week.
Anne xxx

Thursday 7 July 2011

The Morning After ------

Thank you to the ladies who made the Rabbit workshop such fun last night ,and apologies for the lack of photos this morning !!!
When I went to transfer them this morning I had no memory card in the camera
(it was still in computer after last post !!)
so the pics are now locked in camera as have no lead to load straight to computer -
added to shopping list !!!

So instead a pic of some Annie Sloaned pieces at

These are small samples of the different techniques achievable with the fabulous
chalk paint
It makes tranforming furniture and paintwork so easy .

Hope everyone in good form
Anne xxx

Wednesday 6 July 2011


Off in to Kath's , where Ann was waiting
and then onwards on our tour -----
first stop The Papeterie again for Kath to pick up more paper for her workshop.
Got a little sneaky peek of it in the Cubbyhole ----
you ladies are in for a treat !!!

From there to The Milton Restaurant for coffee
and of course Rustiques

And no that's not Ann's husband Stewart in the suit !!!!!
He was over at Alford Golf Course brushing up on his handicap .
So over to Alford to meet up with Stewart for lunch,
over which Kath had us in stitches with her true life tales .
Ann and Stewart set off home and Kath and I headed back to Westhill,
where I couldn't  be without calling in to see Lily.
Eventually arriving back home having thoroughly enjoyed my day .
Was great to see you and Stewart again , Ann .
Thanks Kath for being the tour guide xxxx

Today , back to Westhill to craft with Lily while mum goes to town ,
then back to Alford to tutor the
Rabbit Rabbit Workshop
this evening

And of course it's
sorry haven't been participating lately
but do pop to Julia's and join in

Have a fun day everyone
Anne xxx

Tuesday 5 July 2011

"Makeovers for Dummies"

No , it's not a new book in the "Dummies" series
but my Dummy has been given a new look -----
Defrocked after being in the
window yonks ago at the old shop

she has been stripped of her drab grey jersey covering -------

and  now has been decoupaged in the traditional way with toile tissue -----

The stand will be Annie Sloaned on my next visit to Rustiques,
which was really busy yesterday
and off there this morning to meet up with Kath and Ann.
Don't know if you noticed the little dummy in the pics ?????
Another project with a torso and box and Timmy feet to be
finished asap !!!
Will show and tell soon

Anne xxxxxx

Pop to Debbi's blog
for the first of her professional tutorials
on how to use our promarkers properly .
Thanks Debz xx

Monday 4 July 2011

Breeding like Rabbits

A special order for a finished rabbit complete with jacket .

"Naked " rabbits and all the fabrics
can be bought from

The workshop for these rabbits filled up without being advertised,
however maybe Jacqui will schedule another if there is the demand  

Had a great morning yesterday with Kath , Debbi and Charlotte
enjoying cappacinos and muffins over at the Papeterie
while Kath organised the materials for her forthcoming workshop.

This Sunday morning meet is maybe going to be a habit ??????

Today am at Rustiques,
more work on those tables maybe
and a little bird tells me there is loads new stock since my last visit !!!!!

Have a great day everyone
Anne xxx

Sunday 3 July 2011

A week on ..........

And these gorgeous carnations are still in glorious full bloom !!!
A gift from Alison who attended Kath's workshop last Saturday at
Simply Create .
Kath made this fabulous sample for the shop....

and this is Alison's fantastic take on it .....

Absolutely brilliant Alison !!!!!
You need to start a blog Alison and share more of the great work you are producing !
And thank you again for the flowers x

And check out these cheeky hens sitting waiting to be fed !!!!!!

Cheeky so and sos !!!!!!!

Well am off this morning to meet up again with Kath and Debbi
at the Papeterie this time .
Have a good day everyone
Anne x

Saturday 2 July 2011

Another Paint Project .........

A nest of two tables getting the treatment .........

The colour of choice this time is Louis Blue

One coat applied , and then will be antiqued with old violet before waxing .
Lovin the colour .
Anne x

Friday 1 July 2011

Work in progress.......

The next stage of the little cabinet makeover ....
After the initial painting with Annie Sloan Old Ochre,
stencilled with versailles and allowed to dry without moving the stencil...
then stamped with old violet with a fab paperartsy stamp....
which was a gift from my pal Kath , brought back from her Timmy Experience .

The cabinet is actually finished after being waxed last time I was at Rustiques.
Only needs the knob putting on the drawer.
Once again I forgot to take pics --- will take come on Monday along with other fab samples Moira has produced.
Well it's almost six thirty (been up since quarter to five !)
looks like a promising day --
the sun is shining .
Have a great day everyone
Anne x