Sunday 13 February 2011

What's been going on !?!

Well Wednesday ,as re last post, found Debbi and I at Kath's for girl chat,
and of course crafty goings on in the cubbyhole.
Thank You Kath for lovely lunch again .
Thursday was back to work at Jacqui's  and an after school party ,
where the girls made a lovely mini album
and ate cake !!!
Friday in the shop again and then the Shabby Raggy Workshop in the eveving .

One enthusiastic participant was taking attention to detail a little far don't you think ??
even added her glasses for closer inspection !!!
Any ideas who it is Carol and Aud ?????

Kath's finished cushion !!!!

Fab eh ??
Anne xxx


  1. thank you for a wonderful class Anne and hey I thought you were having a lie in this morning.....hugs kath xxx

  2. Looks like your sewing workshop was a lot of fun and the cushions look amazing! Why is that strange lady wearing it - looks lovely with the specs though.

  3. Looks like everyone had a great time Anne...I am ashamed to say I am still not finished mine:0(
    Have a great Sunday...
    Kirsti xx

  4. Looks fab, would have loved to have come over but was getting ready for yesterday. Hope you all had a fab time. The cushion looks great.

  5. Looks like a lot of fun was had! Stunning cushion :)

  6. A real shabby chic you had in your class Anne!! I do luv the results. You on all week?Carolxx

  7. Anne would have loved to come over but am cropping that Sunday. Been busy in February...hoping March will be better. Might try and get over sale week to see you and maybe do lunch?

  8. it was that trouble maker again wasn't it - honestly, you can't take her anywhere lol
    sorry I couldnt make the class - Graham's rotten work really curbs my social life you know
    have a great day

  9. Looks like a fun class Anne. And that has to be Kath wearing that cushion?

    Kat xx

  10. Would love to have come to your classes for cushions and tote bag but need to get cleared of some projects first off.

  11. fabby cushion cover!
    would love to try one of your classes. Now I havent used a sewing machine in years and do know if I could even mind how to thread one up!
    do you need to take your own machine?
    ,uch love teen xx

  12. Hi Anne, Have left you something on my blog! Hope you will accept. The banner says it all!!Carolxx

  13. Hey you...have left you a lovely blog award over at my place...

    Kirsti xxx

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    A x