Monday 21 February 2011

From ReVamp to Rustiques !!!!!

So excited----, Moira is soon to be in her new business home on beautiful Deeside
as Revamp graciously retires to become to  Rustiques .
pop to Moira's blog for the latest news about the transformation of shop interior and the arrival of fabulous  stock.

What an absolutely wonderful location,
  and I know Rustique will be a great success !
Sending love and support Moira

As for me, sorry not blogged for a few days again.
Had the Cr8 workshop at the weekend and forgot to take pics, and speaking of workshops the third cushion workshop was full by the  beginning of last week .
Anne xxx


  1. am definitely going to have a nip in past there on my way to Torphins sometime soon
    hope to see you soon missus

  2. oooh this looks interesting..... good luck with the new venture Moira

  3. You'll be amazed I have done my tote bag and blogged it. Also speaking of cushions it is very nearly there as well just need to pick up the insert tomorrow. You may need a fourth class I think.