Monday 6 September 2010

All That Glitter ??????

What fun on Saturday with Kath and her Scrapplings
Pop to her blog and see them.
Pinched the pic from Kath (thank you Kath )
'cos forgot to take pics myself.
ooops I did it again !!!!

Fun Fundraising Day for
Save The Children
at Simply Create
Thanks for feedback Maureen and Kirsti re" fine cup of tea"
my remit at moment is  to make bags
let me see??? bag lady or
Tea lady
not much choice is there ????
Anne xxx


  1. Lol...Anne, you are funny...x

  2. Well ... You do make a good "Cuppa"!!!!!!!! O'h and lovely bags as well!!! xxx

  3. Anne sounds like good fun was had by all.

  4. I second that - I need to buy the instructions and pattern for that cutie patootie wee bag you have hanging up at Simply Create, will also need a kick up the bum to actually make it
    sorry I missed all the fun on Saturday - will have to have a word with the other half and get him to change his offshore rota to fit in with my crafty calendar! lol