Thursday 27 January 2011

Happy Birthdays !!!

Happy Birthday Debbi
Sorry haven't managed to catch you today ,but hope you've had a fun day .

Also today Lily made her mummy's birthday card ready for next Saturday.....
actually the photo was taken in M&S coffee shop ,but we did make the card this afternoon and Lily will show you her work after mummy's birthday .
Soooo cute, but then I'm biased !!
Anne xxx
Edited to add next Saturday 5th Feb also sees Debbi doing a workshop at Simply Create -


  1. this is so precious...well done lily on making an early start on Mum's card...and Buddy thinks you are so clever....big hugs kath xxx

  2. what a sweet pic! I love the bunchies.
    Good job Lily with mum's card, can't wait to see it,
    love teen x