Tuesday 26 October 2010

Somewhere ...............

There must be a pot of gold !!!!

The view on the way home yesterday -
The rainbow started in Alford an this is the other end -
Wonder if it was the same one Kirsti's girls were looking for !
Sorry no update on the Tote Kits -- not seen Jacqui yet
but hopefully will get them posted for you shortly.
Counting down now til the weekend !!!!
SOOOOO looking forward to going ---
think Debbi is packing as I type !!!
Kath will be checking everything out for us when she gets there tomorrow !
4 sleepies !!!!
Anne xxx


  1. there will be a hot news text on it's way to you first thing thursday morning....hugs kath xxx

  2. Lovely rainbow Anne...the girls never did find their pot of gold...Glasgow is sounding better by the day...

    Kirsti xx

    PS Kath, Can I get hot news texts on Thursday morning too....pleeease!!!

  3. I hope Kath is going to tell us the best places to shop at the SECC. I've been a few times so I have an idea which ones are good value depending on what you're looking for. We should get Kath to fix us up a time to meet! I'm sure we'll manage to meet somewhere. On the other hand we go in a bus and you can go round all day and never see some of the others!

    Kat xx

  4. Kat , you will no doubt find Debbi and I loitering at the Fiskars stand K20 getting all the gen on their new products from Kath -- well we are now officially Fiskarettes !!!! We arrive miday Saturday and that will probably be our first port of call --- well maybe second,he he !
    Anne xxx