Friday 22 October 2010

Anyone for Ballet Lessons ??

The latest look in ballet shoes !!!
Or maybe the latest craze in footware for Demoing at the SECC !!!
Who would be so risque/ ??? I wonder

 One must absolutely have matching bag and shoes sweetie !!!!
Forgot to check if she rolled her trousers down before leaving the building !!!

Another great tutorial over at Debbi's !!!
This time next week will be packing ready to go !!!
SECC here we come ! YAY

Be the first time Debbi and I have been to one of these shows
so will be like kids in a sweet shop (or Worse)
to make things even more fun Kath will be there demoing for Fiskars and we're staying at the same hotel !!
Can't wait !!! 
Anne xxx


  1. The SECC won't know what hit them or the Crowne Plaza either. Have fun. What about a matching hairband as well

  2. don't encourage her sonja...oh how I wish I had pulled my socks up...look like nora batty...hugs kath xxx

  3. They look great Anne. Hope you all have a great time away. Wish I was coming too :( There's always next year though ;) Hope you get some great bagains and I can check them out when you get back. I'll be out to the shop on monday or tuesday so see you then
    Lyn x

  4. The slippers look fabulous Ann and Kath, believe me Glasgow does not know what is about to hit them.

    I made a tote bag in Simply Create with Ann and it's fabulous, what an amazing patient teacher - as I said our very own design Queen.

    Ann you are a starxx

  5. Oooh wish I was coming to see this IRL now.... A matching hat and gloves might be better as it's soooo cold now...have a fabby time at SECC...hopefully might pop out and see you this week...Kirsti xxx

  6. Oooo love them! I so wish I was coming...sounds like your all gonna have a ball!

  7. Ab Fab indeed! You'll have a great weekend at Glasgow & you'll be brim full of inspiration. Got to go, halfway through making.....a tote bag!!

  8. I knew those slippers had to be something to do with Kath lol!!

    You'll love it at the SECC. There's so much stash there. My friend and I have never made it to the other hall yet, there's so much to see. Maybe manage to see you there!

    Kat xx

  9. fabby slippers - she'll be the queen of style at the SECC
    am too excited now, just 7 more sleepies woohoo x