Monday 9 August 2010

Another Tiny piece of Cake !!!

This time made from only two slices from a
Moda Layer Cake ,
a wooden ring by Tilda and stuffing
all available at Simply Create don't you know !!!

mmmmmm ???  twenty Christmas presents  !!!
or two and a quilt ???

I should maybe take a leaf out of
book and give her a name.
Penelope / Prudence or maybe Priscilla Pincushion.
What do you think ??
I quite like PINELOPE !!!

She is actually a sample made  for CR8 girls group
workshop --- date to be finalised shortly
will post as soon as .

Must also add that you should buy a Craft Stamper magazine
and see the fab article  Judy
has had published in the September issue.
A very talented lady and the good news is she will be back at
Simply Create in September so not long to wait for another of her
terrific workshops !

Anne xxxx

1 comment:

  1. Love your little moda cake! Thanks for the wee mention!! Should be popping out sometime this week but not sure when.....see when I have a clear afternoon!

    Chat soon,
    Judy xx