Wednesday 6 April 2011

WOYWW -------

Having a play !!!
On our trip to the SECC last autumn---------
remember this?????
our quiet,  sedate jouney home ---!!!!???
 I had fancied a hotfix tool and Aud
let me have a try with  hers before I buy  -- thanks Aud ,
and yes it has to be added to the shopping list --
bah , just missed Mother's Day !
Will be catching up later with all  you crafty peeps  over on Julia's for another
Have a good day
Anne x


  1. That looks like a scary tool Anne!!

  2. Gawd Anne, that photo should be archived, was really toasting your good health! Don't use my one if your interested. Happy Wednesday. Carolxx

  3. That looks postively lethal to me. I think I will just stick to a hot gun.!!! hugs Mrs A. #67

  4. Golly - does the hospital know it's missing...
    Train ride looks like it was a blast...
    Thanks for sharing your space today. Have a fab week...
    Sarah (sasa at 2)

  5. aye aye missus - was great to catch up last night
    - it was an hour and 45 minutes if you're interested lol
    have a great day missus

  6. thats some tool! -- Looks frightening.... Thanks for Sharing and hope you have a happy WOYWW. Caroline (No 31 x)

  7. You'll have to do a tutorial on how to use that thing! Looks like you had a fun day out! Can't the Easter Bunny bring you one???
    Happy WOYWW
    Rebecca (48) x

  8. Ooo it looks a bit scary - what does it hot fix?

  9. Fab hotfix tool bet that does loads of great stuff! Happy WOYWW Hugs Rebekah xx (63)

  10. That looks like a really interesting tool there Anne, and yes, I remember some of those photos from Kath's blog!

    Brenda 98

  11. I have a similar tool that has multiple heads, there is the hot spot, a knife, spade and many others. Love it use it for lots of stuff. Looks like you were having loads of fun on your trip. Love to get together and craft with my peeps! Thanks for sharing! Vickie #88

  12. looks a bit like some of my dad's electronics gadgets that were don't touch items when I was a kid.

    Is that a jigsaw shaped cushion on your desk?

    blessings to you from Angela (#123)

  13. I hope you got lots of cold water on hand for you to dip your fingers in when you burn them!! Ouch! Thanks for visiting me - hope to see you again soon! :-)