Thursday 7 April 2011

Not just a bracelet !!

Aileen has a class on 14th April introducing bead workshops to
The first technique is the spiral stitch in the form of a bracelet,
which can be adapted to make really pretty centres for coursages or the crochet flowers  from Edwina's
recent workshop .

The class starts at 6.30 so call 01975564010 to book a place
Anne x


  1. This looks like fun Anne. My friend and I are coming to Alford on the 14th but We're going to be there about 11am. My friend needs an excuse to be out but she's having visitors so has to be home for tea! Pity, I think we'd both have enjoyed a beading class.

    Kat xx

  2. love what you did with this anne....hugs kath xxx

  3. These courgettes are so much better in the flesh, truly stunning.