Thursday 14 April 2011

Smashing !!

Popped over to Sonja's blog last night and read her post
about the smash concept .
Keeping notes, ideas , musings , sketches, doodles, scraps ,thoughts and such is something I've
always done and anyone who knows me well will know my book / books are never far away.

 do you have one to share ?
Anne x


  1. what a great know me I'm a real notebook girl...see you soon...big hugs kath xxx

  2. Yours looked as though its filled with inspirational things, hopefully when we move to Angola I will have some filled with interesting stuff - think you and Kath should start planning your trip, 'Anne and Kath hit Luanda Sul with their crafty ideas'

  3. Great looking books. Mine are much more basic.

  4. Good idea Anne. I just happened to buy a notebook to alter when I was at Jacqui's today. It was nice to see you again. Hope you had a lovely time with Lily. See you soon.

    Kat xx