Friday 22 April 2011

Still No Craft !!!

Another day today where no work will get done -----
got to  go out again ----
So just to popped on and say "HI" , having nipped out and taken  some flower pics in the garden to cheer up my post -----
Very foggy this morning out here in Alford, but hopefully the sun will get through as the day goes on.

Have a good day everyone
And a Happy Easter.
Anne xxx


  1. Beautiful flowers Anne, such pretty colours. Have a lovely day, the sun is shining here in the South of England so hopefully it will pop out for you very soon.

  2. Stunning, and the good news down here is that the fog has lifted and the sun has came out to play so hoepfully has lifted with you away up there on the hill!

  3. the fog has even cleared over here on the coast for the first time this week - and that sun has definitely got his hat on, have a great day Anne

  4. blooming gorgeous and the sun is out and all is well with the world...happy easter...big hugs kath xxx

  5. Gorgeous flowers Anne. For the first time today our fog went away and it was a gorgeous day. Got my cheque off to Kath today!!

    Kat xx

  6. Lovely flowers Anne been a lovely day with us as well hopefully loads more on their way. Happy easter. Audx