Sunday 24 April 2011

Little Helping Hands ----

Another early start again today---
beds stripped and washed , then onto the sewing machine 'til lunch,
(card making still on hold !)
then back outside to the garden -----
with a little help from a budding little garden designer -----

Decided to dig up this little grass bed and plant up a herb garden near the  door--
what a great job Lily is doing -- not exactly dressed for gardening , but who cares when you're having fun !
Hope everyone's had a good Easter Sunday
Anne x


  1. great job Lily!!! Nothing like getting a bit muddy.
    Our herb garden is almost all gone, two naughty pups have dug it all up.....
    love Teen xx

  2. argh - bet Lily's mum was chuffed lol
    looks like a fun day, and all the more fun if you get clarted

  3. With our boys I don't think you could have a herb garden. I have some in big pots and they try to eat them! Bet Lily had fun. I think Poppy would be the same, she'd be in the middle of things whether she was dressed for it or not!

    Kat xx

  4. Bet Lily had lots of fun planning Gran's herb garden....and definitely the winner of Best Dressed Gardener of the Year...big hugs kath xxx