Tuesday 26 April 2011

Patterns and Kits

Well about time too !!!!
this morning have been printing out the pattern/instructions for
Cutie Patootie Wee Gift Bag

Will be scooting off shortly to Jacqui's - Simply Create
to deliver some , as five patient ladies have been waiting for their kits
which I cut last week and due to printer hiccups could get the patterns sorted.
(NB it doesn't really pay to buy "look a likey" ink cartridges - naming no specific supermarket-
as that was the problem and they sent the printer into a major strop !)
All fixed now and so am pleased to say patterns and kits will be out there for you.
The three available at present :-
Cutie patootie
Totally Handy
Shabby Raggy Chic Cushion
Will give further details shortly  re prices, fabric choices and how/where to buy.
 Please leave a comment if you find this of interest
Anne x

Edited to add :- the hens didn't finish the digging yesterday , boo hoo  !!!! lol

Edited again to add if you want to contact me :-


  1. yay, finally the kits are out there - they are gonna go like hot cakes :)

  2. Exciting...I would love a shaggy raggy cushion kit to macth the one I already have adorning my sofa! Just need a to get myslef a proper sewing machine ;)

    Have a great day, Hugs Judy xx

  3. I need to get through to get a kit!!! I have a sewing machine and need to teach myself how to use it!!!

    love teen xx

  4. I think these kits are going to be really popular Anne!

    Kat xx

  5. I would love to buy a set of shaggy raggy cushion instructions please. Just discovering sewing though so hope its easy, lol

  6. Hi Sarah, Yes it's easy but effective and once you've tried the technique it's simple to adapt to a quilt etc. Will get your email from Jacqui this morning.
    And Hi Tina , if you get down for a kit I'll give you a whirlwind lesson on your machine -- once you start you'll want to make lots!
    And Judy , the machine you have is fine for making these projects --just change your needle and keep seperate needles foer fabric sewing and paper sewing.
    Many thanks Anne x

  7. Will you be selling as kits or can you purchase the instructions seperately Anne?

    Ali x

  8. Hi Ali, both kits and patter available.
    Thanks Anne x