Monday 11 April 2011

UFO at large !!!

I must get round to finishing this UFO ( Unfinished Object )

The technique is very easy and the top did not take long to do , however I wouldn't like to admit how long it has been waiting to be backed and quilted  !!!!
Well it wont be done today, as off to Rustiques 'cos a liitle bird told me
more new stock coming in !!!

Hope you all have a good day
Anne x


  1. are now an honorary member of the UFO club...have a great day at Rustiques...see you tomorrow...big hugs kath xxx

  2. I think we've all got UFOs Anne. I got 2 of mine finished recently - a jumper & hat for Oliver and a cardie for Poppy. Unfortunately Catriona has to sew on the buttons as the ones she bought a while ago are too big and the shop was shut on Sat afternoon!

    Kat xx

  3. Throw it my way, I'll finish it! That'll be right. Plenty of that in my house Anne, it's a wonder the house hasn't lifted off! Hope you've had a lovely day browsing! Carolxx

  4. Carol, is "browsing" the new spelling for "shopping"
    Anne xxx