Sunday 19 December 2010

Well it's Finished !!!

Not as originally planned ,not only altered due to the time factor --
 don't have enough ribbons left  in these colours --
Jacqui's is  closed  for Christmas and not enough time to order from the Ribbon Girls,
But hey ho  at least it's done :-
Now off to finish sewing together a cardi for Lily I've knitted .
Another foot of snow out here -
and like Kat we're low on oil and no idea when we'll get it !!!
Keep cosy
Anne xxx


  1. gorgeous!!!!

    hope you get oil soon....

    lots of love,

    Judy xx

  2. Hope you get the oil soon...wouldn't want your fingers getting cold and not being able to make any more cushions, care..Kirsti xxx

  3. Fab wreath even if it wasn't the orginal plan it was mean't to happen that way. Fingers crossed for the oil. We have half a tank left but after watching the news I'm worried now as well and I wouldn't have before.

  4. adapt and overcome! what a fab wreath, what a lot of work.
    try Carnegie Fuels Anne, they came with mine in 2 days last Friday after all the snow fell - well impressed!

  5. The wreath is gorgeous Anne, hope the oil comes, but if it runs out there's always a welcome here, cosy fire, and lots of soup, just the way you like it. Hope to see you soonxxx

  6. wow anne your wreath is absolutely gorgeous..only you could have come up with a solution for running out of ribbon...hope you get topped up with oil soon....big hugs kath xxx

  7. Oh my, this is so beautiful, you do the most amazing work!

  8. So pretty and looks devine as it is. A gorgeous creation.

  9. Beautiful wreath Anne - your work is just stunning.
    Hope you are keeping warm and cosy in this horrible weather. Speaking to Kath this morning and agreed we need to meet up again SOON!!.