Wednesday 8 December 2010

I'm away with the Fairies !!!!!

On this WOYWW
Kitted up some Flower Fairy fabric :-
a tote of course and a shabby raggy chic cushion.
Also on my desk a few UFO's , found when looking for interfacing ,which I need before production can resume -----
and hereby hangs a tale !!!-------

We set off this morning to see Lily in her very first stage performance at her playgroup nativity and then to head to shops to get the elusive interfacing ---
well you know the song
"Four Wheels on my wagon and I'm still rollling along "---
(no age references please !!)
Well we ended up with three just outside Alford and we certainly weren't rolling along !!!!
Yup !the back passenger wheel decided to go it alone or was sulking cos it was so cold !!
Typically I forgot to take pics in the excitement !!
(excitement translates as giving hubby a hard time for not stopping sooner when the horrible noise came from the back --- "It's just the build up of ice "says he" and will melt as we go along "
Why don't men get it that we ladies are always right !!)

An angel in the form of Catherine,
who owns the fabulous jewellery shop, Gaelo,  in the Heritage Centre in Alford,
came to our rescue and took us into Alford to contact the garage .
Thank you so much Catherine xxxx

Eventually got home and never made it to see Lily so it was back to my workdesk,
aka the  kitchen table and do stuff !!!
Hence being away with the Fairies .

Daryl walked to the garage at Cushnie to get my car which couldn't be seen for the covering of snow ! So will try again tomorrow to get
interfacing and resume production !
And really if it hadn't been for the snow we could have been travelling at speed
when the wheel came off , so there's always a positive side to things .
Anne xxxxxxx


  1. My what a tale. Glad you came out of it unscathed. A shame you missed the concert. I have some of those fairy panels in shades of burgandy that I am going to make into a patchwork tote bag for my daughter. (a case of great minds think alike!!!!)

  2. thanks for the crafty snoop of your delicious makings and hey it's now three wheels on my wagon....just glad you are safe...big hugs kath xxx

  3. Oh me Anne...hope you guys are ok and the car is not too expensive to scary was that...shame you missed Lily's performance tho...(((Hugs))) Kirsti xxx

  4. Shame you missed the Nativitey - the little ones are always so cute. Men never listen I agree. We travelled 10 miles with a flat tyre cos OH said it 's just something stuck in the wheell arch it will work itself free. Glad you are OK though. Thanks for the snoop of your desk. Love the safety pin bags!
    x Tricia (78)

  5. What a pity you missed Lily's debut performance, but so glad you are both safe, and see you have not lost your sense of humour. Happy sewingxxxx

  6. Glad you are safe. Shame you missed the performance. Love the fairy fabric :-)
    A x

  7. Oh such pretty fabric on your desk!

  8. Phew! There is always a bright side isn't there! Snow may be cold and annoying (if you are in it) but it helped to reduce what could have been a more serious incident. The angels are certainly watching over you!
    Susan xxox #13

  9. Gosh, until the end of your post, I was thinking that it was just a puncture, not the actual wheel which came off... how scary is that?
    Sorry you missed the play, maybe someone will have a video of it which you can see.
    Chrissie #7

  10. Hi Anne, what a pity you missed Lily's Nativity but what a relief you're both ok after your wheel coming off. I agree men never do listen to anything about cars, they always know best!! Your Flower Fairy makes look interesting!

    Kat xx

  11. Lovely fabric Anne, hope you get them finished soon. Shame you missed the nativity play but the story was funny!!

    Brenda 83

  12. gosh, I missed this post Anne, thank goodness you weren't going faster!
    keep safe