Monday 6 December 2010

Sew what was I up to today ???

Yet another bag and cushion !!!

A little "tartan" number this time.
Not the tote pattern -- another quick and easy bag to run up ,
cut to fit the piece of fabric I had.

More of the same vintage Laura Ashley,
the clour is the same , just a rubbish pic .
Just to finish snipping before it hits the washer----
the snipping takes longer than making it in the first place !!!!

Also working on  some Christmas decs but more about them another day.
Hope you're all cosy comfy
Anne xxx


  1. another busy bee - see what happens when you can't go raking about? lol
    hopefully you'll be getting out and abut again soon, but I'm loving seeing all these new creations in the meantime

  2. Another great bag Anne. I'm getting nowhere fast here. Foolishly I've been managing to get to work every day. Came home to let the pups out and feed them and had to dig the car out of the snow twice. Not a happy bunny!

    Kat xx

  3. another gorgeous bag and I do love those cushions....can't wait for another cushion workshop....see you soon....big hugs kath xxx

  4. Nice bag very Ness like. Hope the snow is easing a bit for you.

  5. A fab bag and lovely cushion, see you soon hopefullyx

  6. Wow Anne...gorgeous bag and gorgeous cushion!!! Still not finished mine..did you get my email address? Still need to get to the fabric shop for some plain fabric for the back but not been out much cos of the snow!!! See you soon..Kirsti xxx

  7. Hi Kirsti, I think coordinating fabric from Jacqui's would work best, although dont know when shop will be open -- stock being moved to new store. I'm not in till 16th. although still not sure about Lance 'cos of weather -- hope he can make it !
    Sorry not got your email
    Anne xxx

  8. Loving the Laura Ashley prints on the cushions. The tartan bag is a beauty too.

  9. I love the bag Kirsti, and your other work is wonderful, I have just found your blog and have so enjoyed looking at your work, I've become a follower and look forward to seeing more of your work.