Sunday 5 December 2010

Measuring up !!!

Furry Boy , Buddy, wants to find the Girl with the Mostest !!!
But Muffin and Freebie are not impressed  with all this white stuff !!!

Good job they're mainly black or we'd loose them in all this snow !

Wish you'd said this yesterday Buddy, 'cos we had a bit of a thaw last night and only have 19 inches on the table now !
But hope you like the snowy view up the hill .

I knocked off most of the icicles yesterday afternoon asthey started dropping and didn't want them to land on M & F !!!
Will take more pics during the week, but hopefully the worst of the snow is over for a while .
Anne xxx
PS:- loved Jackie's comment re the icicles


  1. Wow. That's some snow you have got there. Ours has started to thaw and is at the lushy stage though more is expected. More crafting days indoors I think!

  2. Hi Anne, well you definitely have more than me. lovely to see muffin and freebie at last.
    keep safe and warm chum

  3. Hi guys....thanks for sharing your snowy pics...isn't this snow fun....although Mums may not agree...hugs from buddy xxx

  4. yeeeehaaaa...well done guys....big hugs buddy xxx