Saturday 18 December 2010

They've arrived !!!

Thank you Andrea and Mary-----
the gorgeous ribbons and goodies have landed !
Thank you too Lesley, our local postie, who works through this horrid weather.

Talking of ribbons --- I was up til stupid o'clock working on the
Christmas Ribbon Wreath,
and am still only half way !!! so am having a rethink on a quick fix to get it finished quickly .Any ideas ??????
Anne xxx


  1. lucky lady...can't wait to see what you do with them and hey is the wreath going to finished before the 25th....hugs kath xxx

  2. Lovely prize and well deserved like Kath can't wait to see what your magic sewing fingers do with themxxx

  3. Love your prize Anne and waiting to see what you make. Loved yesterday's cushions.

    I got to bed after 2am this morning but now I've got my cards posted on the last day for 2nd class! Made 3 cards, printed and cut inserts to size, added them, signed cards and put into labelled envelopes. And hubby stuck on self-adhesive stamps. Remembered another one this morning. So I need to make another plus 5 for kids and grandkids plus 4 for Saturday boy and girls in shop. Shattered!!!

    Hope you're not snowed in. Bad here with drifts but I've got to work every day. And no not willingly.

    Kat xx