Saturday, 21 August 2010

A Real Piece of Cake !!!

 On a visit to chum Isabel's a trip to the
Olive Tree Chocolate Factory at Mosstodloch was on the cards ---Yummy !!!!
A bit more fattening than the Moda Cakes eh ???
Lee and Kevin also do Chocolate Parties
so you can have a chocfest in your own home !!!

The Shop

Le Chocolatier at work!

Well sew much to do -----
off to get busy -----and keep these hands off the chocolate !!!
Anne xxx


  1. Wow they look fab! At least the Moda is calorie free lol.

  2. Fab display, could do with a bit of chocolate!

  3. I've been there Anne it is fab.

  4. ooooh...I am drooling...and not a bit of chocolate in the house...hugs kath xxx

  5. Wow! Didn't even know this place existed - will have to head up for a visit sometime.

  6. You trying to lead us astray Anne, didn't know this place existed either, it's diet chocolate I need! nnalorac.x