Friday 6 August 2010

mmmm ---- a piece of cake !!!

Actually a tiny tote
 made from five "slices " of a Moda layer cake !
Leaving thirty five ten inch squares to make
a lap quilt or a larger quilt if you sash it -----
or maybe you could make eight tiny totes
from the layer cake as Christmas gifts !!!
Lots of gorgeous moda fabric instore at Simply Create
and if you buy a layer cake I'll give you the pattern
(it's my design so no worries about copyright )

Speaking of cakes !!!
Another exciting release from

Check out this cute cakestand !!
made from vintage plates and glasses
And to go with it the perfect cuppa !!

Be back tomorrow with pics of Kath and Ann's visit.
A really good time !!!
Anne xxx

1 comment:

  1. Tote bag is delicious! And all the more tasty for being an original design by you!