Wednesday 11 August 2010

Just touchin' base !!!

Busy day today out and about !!!
Sorry no pics.
I know it's not fine if you pop in and there's no news
so just letting you know I am in creative mode
and will post pics of projects asap.
Picked up some elastic for another  Cr8 group "to make" idea ---
Lots of fabric makes to sample too.
Back at work tomorrow to help get ready for the sale
 Friday and Saturday.

Just for fun a pic of a special request for a birthday gift:-

An embroidered scarf I did some time ago.............

Anne xxx


  1. Cheeky!!! But love it!

  2. oh you are naughty...but love it...see you bright and early tomorrow...big hugs kath xxx

  3. LOL hope the sale goes well. DH having an op tomorrow so unfortuately I will have to put on my nurses uniform and be nice's so going to be hard! Much rather be shopping with you guys. x

  4. Good luck with the sale and coping with all those hungry bargain hunters!!