Saturday 21 May 2011

You Lookin' at Me ?

Managed to catch on Film -- well digitally speaking  !
If you remember we had a doe and her babies  not far from this spot last year --
hoping we see more little ones this year .
Will let you know.

Yesterday was busy with window dressing and fabric cutting  at Simply Create.
Followed by the first of the two Dolly Workshops in the evening .
Then back today for Kath's techniques workshop --sorry forgot to take piccies of either workshop-
but fun was had at both.

an update on Daisy -- so happy to say she will get her op so pop to Kirsty's 
and keep up on the latest reports --
and still time to buy a ticket and help and also maybe win a great prize !!
Hats off to Kirsty !


  1. Lucky you to have these gorgeous creatures on your doorstep Anne...I love them...xx

  2. I haven't been that close to a deer in years - I miss being a teuchter

  3. Just popped in by to say looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, maybe you might just get me using my new tineeeeee sewing machine you spyed a few weeks back on WOYWW, hasn't stitched a stich yet and my mama one is choking with dust behind the sittingroom door. Will I end up in stitches!!!! See you Saturday for a great day for all. Carolxx

  4. You might end up in stitches Carol, but not on the sewing machine more likely from Kath's antics !!!
    Anne x