Tuesday 17 May 2011

Legless !!!

No not me after a night on the bottle !!!!
My new Tim's Alteratins Die  --- Reindeer Flight .
Cuts the back feet off the deer !!!

The top one is fine but have wasted so many that aren't usable ---
or would you have noticed ???

More workshop prep to do tomorrow -- Rabbits to dress
 and  " bags to do " ( excuse the pun )
sneaky peeks tomorrow,
and it's WOYWW too .
Have a good day
Anne x


  1. I wouldn't have noticed matey if you hadn't let the cat out of the bag..try cleaning that part of the die...there may be some waste stuck in there..if not I will lend you mine...hugs kath xxx

  2. I'm with Kath - wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't mentioned it. Wonder why its only happening some of the time - weird

  3. I wouldn't have noticed cut from patterned stock for sure..but it's not about me - (for a change!!) I think you should send it back..it ain't right and may annoy you forever!
    Hey - thanks for the dea for the Monday Fairy acronym, nearly choked on my coffee!!

  4. Hi I wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't mentioned it, but you will and it will annoy you. I have a snowflake die that does the same, I got it to work by sticking a quickutz foam pad over the dodgy bit.

  5. they are so very elegant so I didn't notice until you mentioned it - have you tried punching through a piece of sandpaper - I just wondered if that would somehow fix the problem area, I sandpaper my scissors to keep them nice and sharp for cutting ribbons. Mary G x