Monday 5 September 2011

Sew much to do --- so little time ----

This week sees a host of things to do---
NEOS fast approaching ---
and  ????? what else am I up to !!!!

well today and tomorrow at Rustiques--
Moira down in Birmingham getting heads up on all the hot picks for the next season .

I've been doing a lot of Annie Sloan painting---
and working on a new space----

workspace that is --
and chums Kath and Debbie have been  sitting on my news for a little while now,
so promise to give update before  the weekend.
WOYWW will certainly have a new meaning for me after trying to work on the kitchen table all this time !!!!

Also remember Saturday is the fundraiser at
Alford Community Hall
so do go along --
Anne x


  1. can I get the staples removed from my lips please....big hugs kath xxx

  2. Looks like an exciting new chapter is about to begin !! Look forward to hearing all about it Anne. Carolxx

  3. Sounds exciting - wishing you the best. x

  4. Sounds exciting Anne, can't wait to hear more! I've taken the day off on Saturday so I can go to the fundraiser.

    Kat xx

  5. Hi Anne
    Where are you for NEOS? My auntie is at Stonehaven again so we'll be going to that but would love to come along and see you?
    Lyn x

  6. oooooooo all looks very exciting ;)))

    Can't wait to hear all baou it!

    Judy x