Thursday 22 September 2011

First things First ....

Huge Thanks to family and friends for all their help and support .
Today was very special....

Just love this gift  Kath brought ....

Was so good to catch up with both Kath and Debbi today,
seems ages since we've been together and not long now  til GJWTHF !!!
Talking of which another big hug to Tina who travelled down from  Lossiemouth to visit !!!
Pic of her fabulous card tomorrow
Tina is the queen of all things jam and chutney !!!
(beetroot being my fav Tina !!!)
Thanks for popping in Janette, and so great to see you  Emily, been ages !!
Look forward to seeing you soon Alison for a sew in !!!
and hugs to Archie and Max .
Hope the fabric matches well with your chair Heather -- see you soon at the workshop x
Nice to catch up Mike, Catherine and  Jan , after NEOS...

gosh this could go on a bit -----
lots of local support too
and a welcome visit from Mr Postman !!!
So can now toot about the reversible bag workshop on Wednesday now the supplies have arrived !
Starts 6.30 pm
to book
Will post pic tomorrow.

Talking of pics an update on the shop...

My last but very special visitor was cus Moira ,
after a busy day at Rustiques she made a big detour home to call in and treat me to a
refresher tutorial on lampshade making !!!
kits available in both shops .
Remember to check out her paint workshops here

Lookin forward to tomorrow ....
Anne x


  1. Congratulations! The shop looks terrific & I love the colour combination of the walls & furniture plus flooring. Wishing you much success in your new venture.
    Paula (PEP)

  2. woohoo Anne...wishing you all the best in your new's going to be a HUGE SUCCESS...lots of love Kath & Buddy xxx

  3. Good Luck and Best wishes for your new venture.

    Carol x

  4. Wishing you all the very best for your fabulous sewing emporium - it looks fab - if I lived a bit closer I'd be in to visit. Best of luck, Mary G x

  5. Oh Anne it looks amazing! Can't wait to come visit you!xxxxxxxxxx

  6. Yeh, you've done it and doesn't it just look fab!!!! Need to come and visit soon.

    Great big hugs Anne and every best wish for the greatest of successes in your new venture.

    Hope to see you soon.


  7. Congratulations Anne on your new venture and wish you every success. The shop looks fabulous and can see a visit with my cardie friends in the very near future.XX

  8. wishing you all the luck in the world, although you don't need it - you have the most gorgeous shop and can't wait to get booked on some workshops and dust off my old machine