Wednesday 20 July 2011


On mine this week....
Papers (Sweet Stitches) and stamp (pattern pieces ) from
Stampin' up.

Also a few more ufo hearts I found hiding in a basket,
so they are now finished.
Will share the finished SU projects soon .
Off to visit Julia's and then some of  of your workdesks.
Anne xxx


  1. Hi Anne just wondered if my hotfix tool is at simply create I was going to pop up 2 morrow for it as I need it for wedding invites . Thanks Aud

  2. Ooh Anne, lovely - I love those stamps and will show what you do with them,huh? I'm late enough to see that you're going to make some little dresses; good on ya gal. Twiglet seem to have really hit the spot, huh!

  3. those hearts look lovely! those dresses that wipso and twiglet have been making are wonderful aren't they? glad you're planning to make some too!