Saturday 19 March 2011

Official Opening Today !!!!!!

This afternoon saw the official opening of Rustiques !
An amazing cake made by Tracey's mum to celebrate
along with lots of the bubbly stuff , darling / sweetie --- AB FAB !!!!

The setting is AB FAB too ------

AND of course as is the stock  is soooo tempting !

A good time had by all --- as we spilled outside

Cheers to you Moira xxxxxx


  1. Hope you left some Anne!! Looks like my kinda shop but would I dare enter with my kinda willpower!! Looks like you enjoyed. ~Carolxx

  2. thanks for a lovely afternoon but remind me not to drink champers in the middle of the day...9.30 and i am struggling to keep the old eyes open...hugs kath xxx

  3. good luck Moira! looks fab and the cake looks stunning!

    love teen x