Wednesday 5 October 2011


Or in my case what should have been on my desk this Wednesday!!!
Loads of new fabric for the shop ----
The shipment arrived in Aberdeen at 7am   and at 6pm there was no sign of it !!!
So much for a half day !!!
But there's always a silver lining .......
Samm and Lily came out to Alford instead of me going in to them and we spent a super afternoon
doing jobs in the shop and Liiy was just charming the socks off all the customers .
I stayed open whilst awaiting Mr delivery man and had lots of new faces popping in .
And there's more ...
after the girls set off home I stayed on and took time to make the sample for a childrens class next week,
as those in this neck of the woods know it's the tattie holidays

 The class --- 
a cute little cushion with a heart applique
they learn blanket stitch and practice sewing on buttons
then finish by constructing the cushion
and tah dah
their own creation

The class is at --- the sew room
44 main street

on Thursday 13th October
10am - 12.30

Fee -- fifteen punds

email ----
to book a space

off to feed the troops  --- (hubby and dogs )

anne xxx 


  1. That is such a sweet project!... and I think it's a great price for a class like this!

  2. poo to Mr Naughty Delivery Man...fingers crossed he turns up the sweet cushion...great idea for a kids class...hugs kath xxx

  3. Grrrr to Van Man! Love the workshop cushion, so (sew)sweet!