Thursday 9 June 2011

Moira in Paint Mode ......

Trial run with a small audience !

Shall we use this colour ?

yes , but I could help , I have my own brush  !

Flying Solo !!! The Real Thing !!!

A great demo given yesterday by Moira on Annie Sloan Chalk Paints
only available from Rustiques up here in the North East.
if you missed this one there is another
next Tuesday the 14th
1pm - 2 pm
and you might be the lucky winner of the end of demo  raffle !!!
Anne xxx


  1. two brushes are definitely better than one...cute artists at work...hugs kath xxx

  2. she is just the cutest wee toot

  3. Fantastico...would she like to come and decorate my hoose for me?!

  4. Lol! She was listening so intently then just said "you're funny" and turned away!!! Bless her!

  5. Adorably cute little girl! Love the space shown there... colours are muted and so relaxing.... how I would love a space such as that to craft in!

    Nearly forgot to add... you asked on my blog what the pink thingy was with the handle (last Wednesday on WOYWW).... it's my new ATG gun... a tape dispenser really - big, but so much easier than using double-sided sticky tape for paper arts :)