Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Bit of a cheat !!!!

This was actually supposed to be last weeks WOYWW !!!!

Lily's painting Smock for Playgroup .
Wont be at my workdesk today ---
off to deliver the cushions from yesterday--
maybe meet some pals for coffee
and of course pop in and see Lily !!!

Will be round visiting you when I get home and nosey at your workdesks !
Anne xxx

edited to add :- still working on the Christmas Wreath
when I get a minute !!!!


  1. do you think I need a fabulous painting smock just like lily...big hugs kath xxx

  2. The painting smock would be great for distressing!! I always get in a mess doing that, lol. Great smock Anne.

  3. mmmmm Kath -- a timmytastic painta longa Nancy stylie smock ????????
    Anne xxxxxxx

  4. Oooh yes...very good for spraying ink everywhere then I wouldn't get it on my new a great day Anne...(((HUGS))) Kirsti xxx

  5. Hi ya
    fab painting, frock, have lovely cuppa n natter,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x (29)

  6. Well I think all crafters need a smock like Lily's. Thanks for sharing your workspace with us. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 34)

  7. I think the kids smocks are so cute. I'm dying to see a Timmytastic painta longa Nancy stylie smock though lol.

  8. I haven't visited your blog before. What I've been missing! Gorgeous cushions and I adore your Christmas wreathe.
    How you get the lovely candles at the side?

  9. oh to be able to sew!! Lovely smock, and Lily will always know who she is! Have a happy WOYWW!!

  10. Great smock! I wiil be checking back for the finished wreath :)
    Happy WOYWW!

  11. would you be able to make 2 for me? one for Faith and one for Willow? how much would you want for them?

  12. I could do with a smock! (32)

  13. Great painting smock and fab cushions in the earlier post too!

    Brenda 92

  14. Oh I think we could all do with a bespoke smock! How fab!

  15. a painting smock! i think i need one of those! i've heard of WOYWW cheating with a picture taken the day before, but i think you win for the longest time (who cares if it was takne a week ago? not me)

  16. Gotta love a painting smock. Also hope to see that wreath. I wish my desk looked the same in a week's time. Sorry I'm so late getting here. You would think since I had most of my obligations out of the way, I would have freed up a bit more computer time. Unfortunately, what happened was, I was so far behind, I became overwhelmed. Will try to do better this week.