Thursday 28 October 2010

How many days 'til Christmas ??????????

Think I'll need them all .........
this project is taking forever !!!!
Needed to finish it tomorrow to submit before going to ----
where is it again ????
as if I could forget  !!!
Just as excited as you Debbi !!!!

Lily thought it was her new swimming ring !!!!!!!
So cute trying to step into it !!!
Then tried it as a hat  !!!

Wonder if there's any rules over at The Ribbon Girls
about projects in the making being submitted for challenges !!!!
He who dares and all that !!!

Will post pics when it's eventually  completed .

Anne xxx


  1. This is going to be fabulous when it's finished Anne. Hope you get it done in time.

  2. It looks lovely. You could take it to Glasgow for Kath to wear to match her slippers lol.

  3. it's looking fab Anne, we could finish it on the train you know - in between bouncing round the carriages lol
    woohooo am too excited - yeh! lol

  4. Hello Anne - Thanks for joining the ribbon girl challenge - it looks great even if it's not finished, but I think Kath should wear it as a hat 'cos she's got the slippers and the tote ....... love to see a picture of the finished article! Mary

  5. Wow it's lovely Anne, have a good trip down to Glasgow, and lots of fun at the show and at the hotelx

  6. I can see this is going to be gorgeous when it's completed and look forward to seeing it then if you share it with us. Elizabeth #51

  7. 57 days to go Anne..and counting..wreath looks gorgeous. Have a great time in Glasgow....x

  8. wow it look fab although it's not nearly finished.....maybe a few drinks and burning the midnight oil might do it....willing to help...hugs kath xxx