Sunday 26 September 2010

Short and Sweet !!

Had fun yesterday with the Cr8 Girls
Making pincushions, kit holders and decorating their scrapbooks
so they can collect and document pics
and ideas of things they like
and projects they would like to make in future workshops.
Again meant to take pics ,
however the shop was busy too and forgot again --
maybe Emily or Sally will bring them in next time and we can take pics.
A hello to all the lovely new people who came into Jacqui's  yesterday
 if you have stopped by my blog -- look forward to your next visit to the shop
----and my blog too of course.
Chat soon
Anne xxx


  1. I would love to come through to Jacqui's but demoing again this weekend but after that I think I'm free so we'll have do set up a lunch date in Alford. :)

  2. Would loved to have stayed longer on Saturday but was stressing a bit with brother sitting outside in car. The Cr8 girls projects looked really good. Plenty of talent there. Lorraine x