Monday 11 January 2010

Made it to Blogland at last !!...........

Yay!! made it to blogland today but more importantly made it back to work after all this snow -----how I hate working part time --- I WANT TO WORK FULLTIME !!!
I am so lucky to be working for Jacqui at Simply Create in Alford . After both being iced up over the hols we got back to work today and if you have checked out Jacqui's blog - Simply Create Alford you'll know she has been stuck at home with boxes of the new Hero Arts Stamps --- don't we all feel sorry for her ---- NOT !! I was going to walk round and gatecrash !!!
The shop has been filled with lots of new goodies so hope to see everyone soon as the snow melts. We had a super day discussing lots of workshops and demos to be happening instore over this coming year----- between us we'll keep you all posted as to what and when.
Meantime I must go and find out how to live in blogland.
See you soon Anne x


  1. Hope you slept well in blogland, and you manged to upload a pic, see you are better at all this than me!
    Where is the wall of Hero - all hail the wall of Hero Art stamps, this will be one section of the shop that will be well dusted.

  2. Welcome to blogland Anne...Great to have you! Looking forward to a wee visit early next week. Just working away on my smaples for the next class :) Did you check out this month's Craft Stamper??

    Hope you ahd a lovely Christmas and extended holiday ??

    big hugs
    Judy xx

  3. oh please excuse my spelling....I also forget to check it before I post it! Silly me!